Oksanna shulgach

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One of my biggest creative endeavors has been a YouTube Channel called Osi Talks, which began five years ago. The goal of my channel is to inspire others to travel cheaply & easily, even if they feel they are not capable.

To me, being an “Up & Comer” means taking the experiences that you’ve had in your life and figuring out how to use that for others, because ultimately we are all in this life-thing together so we might as well help each other out. We’ve all experienced things — that’s just a fact of life. Yet, I believe there is a reason for everything, it’s up to us to find the meaning behind it.

I’m excited to grow the community of Up & Comers through YouTube and simply by being the “Socializer". Ultimately, I believe in this show because it’s a podcast all about inspiring people, a concept that not all podcasts strive for. The Up & Comers Show talks with the purpose of motivating people to live a good life.

Hey there, my name is Oksanna but I’m slowly becoming Osi to most people. I come from quite the cultural background with an Argentinian mother and a Brazilian-born father, but in reality I’m Ukranian (go figure!). This has led to an outgoing personality which occasionally has to be reigned in. The benefit of this cultural diversity is the creativity it’s produced — from photography, to videos, or simply creating beautiful things.

Born and raised in Bel Air, Maryland, my curiosity for life was peaked from day one. Growing up in a family of movie-lovers, my brothers and I began our own creative projects as kids, and as we grew older I'm grateful they allowed their annoying little sister to keep tagging along as their projects got bigger. This eventually led to me being a part of a full-length feature film, an accomplishment I think we’ll  always be proud of.

In the spring of 2018 I realized that Maryland was creatively drying me out, and with my older brother already planting roots in Los Angeles, I decided to follow his lead and see what the west coast might bring.

Some fun facts about me:
— Traveled to England with a broken foot & got left on a bus 
— Visited nine countries thus far
— Was on a robotics team for five years (super random)
— I’ve been vocally compared to Beyonce (jk not even close, but I do love singing!)