100: Reaching The Century Mark


As the 100th episode of this show has arrived, Thane & Adam look back and reflect on some of their favorite episodes through the years. This is an episode filled with sweet memories, changes for the future, and being honest with ourselves about where we’re at.

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Show Notes:

Strangers to Ourselves - Timothy Wilson

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“One of the realizations I’ve had of what adulthood means is accepting less and less breath in order to have the depth and be really good at what you’re called to do.” - Adam Setser

“When we take on responsibility, there's always going to be more responsibility that others want us to take on.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“We can’t be superman, we can’t try to do it all 'cause then we limit what we’re doing with all of it.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“[God] takes our success and our failures and redeems them all for his purposes and to bring us into the calling that He has for us.” - Thane Marcus Ringer

“How we can just take one step today? And then tomorrow how can we take another step. Embracing that mundanity.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“The wisdom that age brings, it’s a unique wisdom. Yeah you can be young and wise and they say wise beyond your years but nobody can really replicate the age experience.” - Adam Setser

“People are dynamic, life is dynamic, the only thing that’s constant is God.” - Adam Setser

“Approach every relationship, every moment of every relationship as if it is just a moment in time where God is able to speak through that person.” - Adam Setser

“The importance of being real and honest with where you are right now and allowing that to show.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Work forces you to think about other people.” - Adam Setser

“Whatever it is that we do with our time should happen as an overflow of our main mission.” - Adam Setser

“At whatever point you feel duty bound to keep doing something as sort of a parallel or perpendicular thing, no matter how good it is or how much you want to do it, it is actually bad for you.” - Adam Setser

Time Markers:

0:30 - Major Multi-Tasking
3:00 - Possible Future Topic
4:00 - Reminiscing Memories 
8:00 - Life Changes
11:00 - In Tune With Ourselves
14:00 - Aged Wisdom
16:30 - Handpicked Highlights
21:00 - Diversity & Captured History
23:00 - Not Needing To Be More Than We Are
29:30 - Remembering A Lost Life
30:30 - What the Future Looks Like