88: Allison Trowbridge


Allison Trowbridge is the founder and CEO of Copper Book Clubs, a book club platform and community based company. She published her book, “Twenty-Two” in 2017 with HarperCollins / Thomas Nelson while completing an MBA at the University of Oxford. Allison became obsessed with publishing after witnessing a handful of books ignite the global anti-slavery movement, where she worked for nearly ten years leading marketing, fundraising, and international campaigns—at The Freedom Fund, Not For Sale, and as a partner at an impact investment fund, Just Business.

Show Notes

Work to Rest - Dave Lomas
Work & Rest - Tim Keller
My Utmost for His Highest - Oswald Chambers
Twenty Two - Allison’s Book
The Upside of Tension - Andy Stanley
How We Got to Now - Steven Johnson
Originals - Adam Grant
The Tipping Point - Malcolm Gladwell
Man’s Search For Meaning - Victor E. Frankl
The Art Of Gathering - Priya Parker

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“A really well formed question is actually a gift to somebody.” - Allison Trowbridge

“Developing a habit of question asking and question forward really is just a great self practice because it helps us be more open-minded.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“I think people have so much to teach us and we stay at the surface.” - Allison Trowbridge

“If I’m thinking about what I’m going to say next, then I’m not doing a good job listening.” - Allison Trowbridge

“Usually the more innocent questions, or the ones that don’t seem like you’d learn that much about people, are usually the ones we’d learn the most.” - Thane Marcus Ringler 

“If you love learning you are curious by default.” - Allison Trowbridge

“The people that we surround ourselves with are really everything.” - Allison Trowbridge

“We live into the words people speak over our lives.” - Allison Trowbridge

“It isn’t just 'lets be friends for our own benefit and our own enjoyment’ but rather let’s build in to one another's lives so that we can go out and do more for the world.” - Allison Trowbridge

“If you have mentors and friends and people coming alongside you that are speaking big things over you and believing those things for you, you naturally live into that.” - Allison Trowbridge

“That’s how we’re wired, that’s how we were created, we are relational beings.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Getting to a threshold in a relationship where you can be together but be alone is a form of mastery." - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Without taking time to stop and rest and just be, we begin to believe that our worth is based on our contribution.” - Allison Trowbridge

“To allow yourself to be exposed to great ideas, art, people, conversations, relationships, those tings fill you up and are the seeds of inspiration for the great work that you will do.” - Allison Trowbridge 

“I’m grateful for getting to live and do community and I feel loved in who I am as I am not in what I’m producing.” - Allison Trowbridge

“It became so evident to me that it was such a non negotiable. If I wasn’t getting adequate recovery it didn’t matter how much my output was, it was going to be limiting.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Sometimes all you need is someone else to give you permission to stop.” - Allison Trowbridge

“Its the most freeing thing, when you realize God is not waiting for you to get somewhere or do something for him. You don’t ever arrive, it’s more of a state of being and being in process.” - Allison Trowbridge 

“The formula to stay healthy and balanced is so simple and yet when you have something looming it feels impossible.” - Allison Trowbridge

“If we write from a place of the most personal for us, ‘what is that itch you can’t help but scratch?’ that’s the thing that’s actually going to reach the most people because it’s the most universal. It’s an experience we can all relate to.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Once I was so attuned to writing all the time, you start actually getting ideas and inspiration everywhere.” - Allison Trowbridge 

“To a young writer, I think the best thing is just to start and to see it as a way to serve.”

"If you see [writing] as a way to serve people and to both write for yourself to know yourself and then write as a way to bless and serve other people and share ideas, there’s always going to be avenues that open for that down the road.” - Allison Trowbridge

“If you don’t have tension, you can’t have anything else.” - Allison Trowbridge

“Life is so short, I’ve just always had this drive to, I really want to make the biggest most significant impact that I can.” - Allison Trowbridge

“I think a lot of times we put so much pressure on ourselves to have a formulaic plan instead of really letting your passions lead and running at them and trusting the process to evolve as it’s meant to.” - Allison Trowbridge

“When you are doing things you love that serve the world, there’s naturally going to be good that comes out of that.” - Allison Trowbridge

“My mom always says, ‘do the next right thing'.” - Allison Trowbridge

“If you are driven into creative passions, finding stability that can be something where you still have meaningful contribution but you’re not always depending on your art or your passion to pay your bills.” - Allison Trowbridge

“We're relying on social media to really replace in person real life community and we’re just not designed for it.” - Allison Trowbridge

“You never know the core need until you start really working to try to and find it.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“The more you care, the less you’ll obsessively consume.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“The older you get, the journey of life is learning how to embrace the grey and the uncertainty and the tensions. Instead of pursuing having all the answers, learning how to ask really good questions.” - Allison Trowbridge

“The temptation of technology is to make us more self sufficient and independent and while both of those are great, it’s a lie to believe we don’t need each other.” - Allison Trowbridge 

“Live like you’re loved.” - Allison Trowbridge

Time Markers

1:00 - The Easiest & Free Way to Support Us
6:30 - Nicknames
9:30 - Asking Meaningful Question
11:00 - Allison’s Go To Questions
13:00 - Reminders to Be An Active Listener
14:30 - The Most Interesting Question
17:00 - Origins of Insatiable Curiosity
24:30 - Allison’s First Mentor
25:30 - Build Relationships Instead of Just Networking
29:00 - Genuine Ambivert
32:00 - Necessary Life Rhythms 
40:00 - Forced Rest Is Crucial
44:00 - Truly Resting Fuels the Brain
46:30 - Unnecessary Pressure 
50:30 - The Book Writing Process
1:00:00 - The Impact of Allison's Book
1:01:00 - Advice to New Writers
1:05:30 - Necessary Tension
1:08:00 - Allison’s Current Tensions
1:11:00 - Allison’s Career Path
1:22:00 - Current Business Plans
1:29:30 - Modern Day Slavery
1:38:00 - Allison’s Next Book
1:39:30 - Old Beliefs No Longer True
1:40:30 - Allison Wants To Know More About...
1:41:00 - Guilty Pleasures
1:42:00 - Cornerstone Habits
1:43:30 - Favorite Form Of Community
1:44:30 -  Impactful Books
1:45:30 - Ted Talk Topic
1:48:00 - Morning Text Reminder