86: Brian Larrabee


Brian Larrabee leads Good City Mentors and is considered a leader in building strategic community partnerships for social good. In 2014, after meeting students from a continuation high school in south Los Angeles, he brought in 35 inspiring friends and began what is now Good City Mentors. Today, Good City Mentors has over 300 mentors, and has seen graduation rates triple since their inception. Good City Mentors was awarded as one of LA’s top emerging nonprofits for 2018 and is recognized as a leader in high school based mentoring.

Brian attended Southern New Hampshire University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude and was the Business Student of the Year. He was the school’s first ever NCAA Academic All-American and signed a professional basketball contract to play in Porto, Portugal. 

Brian resides in Mar Vista, CA with his wife and baby boy, Camden.


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“[Being a mentor is] consistent connection.” - Brian Larrabee

“What I’ve always wanted most, desired, and craved most was to go to someone and to spend time with that person and that person to see me for who I was but also to encourage me for what it is I want to be.” - Brian Larrabee

“Words are cheap, it’s always the actions that really make the difference.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“As human beings, that’s what we do when we've been hurt, we put ourselves in isolation.” - Brian Larrabee

“I like to frame mentorship as more of a relationship.” - Brian Larrabee

“We just need to look around us: who are the people around us that we want to build meaningful connections and meaningful relationships with?” - Brian Larrabee

“What I just want is a caring person, a positive relationship, a meaningful relationship with someone that will see me for who I am, will believe in me, and will help me get to where I want to go.” - Brian Larrabee

“Being known and being understood, those are the two fundamental longings that it [mentorship] fulfills.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Mentorship evolves as we evolve in time and also space.” - Brian Larrabee

“In our younger years, we need to have someone come alongside us and mentor us, empower us, help us along the way. But there comes a season in life when we have to go out on our own, we have to make that voyage to really learn through the success and most likely the failures.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Acting is so much more internal than it is external and you have to dig deep, you can’t hide anything in front of that camera. That’s why I sweat that first time, because I didn’t know who I was on the outside and I knew that the camera was capturing that.” - Brian Larrabee

“Everyone would always say, why do you follow Jesus? I was like, I’ve tried everything else and everything left me empty.” - Brian Larrabee

“It’s usually through immense suffering and hardship that we finally are broken and brought to our knees, there just can’t be any other way.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“I never knew that I had that in me. To love another more than I love myself.” - Brian Larrabee

“It’s always the doing that leads to the believing, it’s the doing that leads to the understanding, it's not the understanding that leads to the doing.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“The understanding that I don’t have to be everything to everybody. I just need to be what is needed.” - Brian Larrabee

“One of the best ways that I love using technology is if God put someone on my heart, shoot them a text message, means everything, that didn’t cost me anything to do that.” - Brian Larrabee

“Love isn’t transactional.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“We look at love as a resource, not as a gift.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Out of the right heart flows the right actions.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“My capacity expanded when I realized that it wasn’t always a doing or an action to be building a relationship with someone.” - Brian Larrabee

“What if the purpose of love is not wether you win or lose but how well you love one another.” - Brian Larrabee

“Almost always, the process of learning what to do starts with learning what not to do and that entails failing.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Meaning, purpose, and fulfillment now is demanded by employees and jobs.” - Brian Larrabee

“It doesn’t take rocket science, it doesn’t take these massive commitments that we think we can’t give. It just takes consistency and showing up.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“If anybody works with young people — if you can create a space where they don’t feel judged, then I feel like they'll really show you their heart.” - Brian Larrabee

“If things always went good, and always went well, why would I need God?” - Brian Larrabee

“In my life, when I have that hole filled with Jesus and I'm pursuing him, there’s no hole. There’s no lack of meaning, there’s no lack of purpose, there’s no why. It’s full, it all makes sense.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“I am enough right now in this moment, I don’t need anything more to fill my identity. My identity is sealed in Jesus.” - Brian Larrabee

 “I think we are always an up and comer, there’s always places to grow.” - Brian Larrabee

“Why would you lead people into something that's not making the world better?” - Brian Larrabee

“I think a great leader is one that is led. The one that I follow is Jesus. I feel like leadership is to be led.” - Brian Larrabee


6:00 - The Simple Definition of a Mentor
7:00 - What It Means to Be A Mentor
8:00 - Brian’s First Mentor
11:30 - Skewed Perception of Mentorship
13:00 - How Mentorship Evolves
16:30 - Listening to An Inner Voice
19:30 - Mistakes for A Purpose
21:30 - Discovering A New Life Path
24:00 - Life As An Actor
29:00 - Basketball: College to Professional
33:00 - Life After An Acting Career
41:00 - To Be A Father
45:00 - How To Cultivate Relationships
59:30 - The Story Of Good City Mentors
1:05:30 - Elevator Pitch
1:10:30 - Nationwide Mentorship Model
1:17:00 - Working With High School Students
1:20:30 - Who Becomes A Mentor
1:22:30 - How Faith Plays A Part
1:26:00 - Brian’s Daily Self Talk
1:28:00 - What Brian Wishes He Knew More About
1:29:30 - Brian’s Definition Of An Up & Comer
1:30:30 - Cornerstone Habits
1:32:00 - Impactful Books
1:33:30 - Ted Talk Topic
1:34:00 - What It Means To Be A Leader
1:35:00 - Morning Text From Brian