90: Brigit Ritchie


For the past ten years, Brigit has been facilitating personal and professional development for women alongside her practice as a painter.  As the founder of WE, Brigit believes the quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.  She has a passion for developing Relational Mindfulness to help people have thriving relationships.

Show Notes:

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Welcome to WE
The Artist Way - Julia Cameron
Work & Rest - sermon by Tim Keller
Educated - Tara Westover
A List Of Books - Jeanine Roth

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“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.” - Brigit Ritchie

“I feel like very few people trust themselves.” - Brigit Ritchie

"To me, creativity, discipline, structures, all those things are always an overflow of your paradigm. And so for me, the place I bring the most discipline to is mindsets.” - Brigit Ritchie

"Relationships are ultimately the thing that gives your life meaning, really what gives your life purpose. Everything else, It’s all sort of rooted in relationship and for relationships.” - Brigit Ritchie

“We are not going to avoid pain in this life [but] we have a massive potential for joy and I think we undervalue enjoying our lives.” - Brigit Ritchie

“Relationships are the most powerful experience we can have.” - Brigit Ritchie

“We learn by doing, not by thinking.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Commitments are hard when you don’t have vision. I think when you have vision, they’re not that hard.” - Brigit Ritchie

“I’m somebody who is really intense but i'm intense about enjoying my life.” - Brigit Ritchie

“I think people do really profound things when they feel safe.” - Brigit Ritchie

“It is extremely rare, no matter how much pain or even trauma you’ve been through, that you don’t feel impacted and you don’t emerge to be more yourself when you repeatedly experience a safe space.” - Brigit Ritchie 

“You have to be exposed to something to know its possible.” - Brigit Ritchie 

“Human connection is a global, fundamental human need for survival. You have to belong, you have to be in relationship on some level with other people.” - Brigit Ritchie

“Let’s commit to a posture of hope about what’s possible.” - Brigit Ritchie  

“The first step in finding balance In your life is questioning your assumptions about your limitations.” - Brigit Ritchie 

“I really believe that my connection to God is absolutely the source of my freedom, of my joy, of my peace and of really the thing that has given me a value for connection because there’s nothing—there’s no one more connective.” - Brigit Ritchie

“Listen to yourself.” - Brigit Ritchie

Time Markers:

1:00 - We Need Your Help!
1:30 - Special Announcement
3:00 - Who Is Brigit
5:30 - Brigit’s Hidden Talent
9:30 - Getting Into A Flow
11:30 - Trusting Ourselves
15:00 - Internal Discipline 
17:30 - Words to Describe Brigit
19:00 - What is WE
22:00 - How to Not Over Complicate
25:30 - The Pivotal Change that Led to WE
39:00 - How Needs Are Approached 
41:30 - Keeping Yourself Committed
47:00 - The Power of Safe Spaces
51:00 - A Fundamental Need
56:00 - What’s Keeping Us From Connection
58:30 - Challenges of Living in Los Angeles
1:01:00 - The Impact of Culture
1:03:30 - Pushing Your Capacity 
1:06:30 - Being Connected With Your Inner Self
1:10:00 - Unconventional Motherhood
1:15:00 - Creating Core Values 
1:20:30 - Inspiration Through the Spectrum
1:26:00 - Current State As An Artist
1:31:00 - The Future Of An Artist
1:33:00 - Brigit At Sixty Years Old
1:35:00 - Perception Of Faith
1:35:30 - Current Most Self Asked Question
1:36:30 - Most Commonly Asked Question to Others
1:37:00 - Books That Have Made An Impact
1:39:00 - If Brigit Taught A Class
1:40:00 - Currently Excited About...
1:40:30 - Morning Text Reminder