99: Fellowship ft. Chad Masters


I'm Chad Masters. A 20 something from small town Florida. Educationally I have two business degrees and am pursuing a Masters degree while enjoying newly wed life! I work as a model by day and by night I am building what I hope will be a movement that inspires people to 'be the good' wherever they are!

A man is not known for what he does from 9-5, but for what he does from 5-9...

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Show Notes:

From the Anointing to the Appointing - Christine Caine
Verse - Isaiah 40:31
Trailer - Green Book

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“Public speaking isn’t the largest fear, the issue is public thinking.” - Chad Masters

“You don’t need to be a master of something to be good at speaking about it. A lot of it is that intellectual block in thinking the maybe I’m not at a master of this so I should not be speaking about this or 'I can’t do this therefore' and then you can’t.” - Chad Masters

“It’s always easier to believe in the bad.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“What you’re told about yourself can have a huge effect on your placebo inside you.” - Chad Masters

“At the end of the day our identity is not found in the results that we produce.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“I’m the most myself whenever I don’t have a bunch of distractions of worry and fear.” - Chad Masters

“I think patience is the most underrated virtue.” - Chad Masters

“That’s a real struggle of mine, self appointing vs. waiting for anointing.” - Chad Masters

“Those talents are good but sometimes resting at his feet and waiting for that anointing or appointment is better.” - Chad Masters

“We’re bad at showing love and grace to ourselves and were good at overextending ourselves for whatever career we’re pushing for or even for others in a self deprecating way.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Are we human beings having a spiritual experience or are we spiritual beings having a human experience?” - Chad Masters

“We hear a lot about self love, and I think it’s important to define self first. Is it the physical manifestation of us or is it our soul? Is it our consciousness?” - Chad Masters

“I can receive criticism from anybody because you cannot be harder on me than I am on myself.” - Chad Masters 

“The power of culture, it’s neutral. What we do with it, is  not neutral.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“We always want to make an outsized impact when it’s always about just taking the first step.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“The ultimate reason as to why that first step is so hard is just the fear of the unknown. The fear of putting yourself out there.” - Chad Masters

“[God] wants partnership. He never wants to do it all and never wants us to do it all. He’s like ‘How can we do it together?'.” - Thane Marcus Ringler 

“If we aren’t making a little impact now we won’t make a bigger impact later when we have the ability to.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Are the things that you’re doing to be that efficient, are they actually helping? Or are they hurting?” - Chad Masters

“God just wants me. That he doesn’t want all my works.” - Chad Masters

“I’m trying to figure out what are my true limitations of what I can handle because I don’t want my brain to be affected more greatly than my heart.” - Chad Masters

“Enjoy the process and respect the process.” - Chad Masters

Time Markers:

5:30 - Speech Impediment
9:00 - What We Believe About Ourselves
14:00 - Internal Struggles
16:00 - Self Appointing vs. God Anointing
23:30 - Finding Rest in Waiting
27:00 - Showing Grace
34:30 - Compartmentalizing Work Space
39:00 - Most Present Fear 
40:30 - Being the Good
48:30 - Gorilla Charity
50:30 - Be & Do Good Right Now
52:00 - Culture Causing Impatience 
56:00 - God Just Wants You
58:00 - When Faith Is Hardest
1:02:00 - Most Curious About...
1:05:00 - Morning Text Reminder