102: Clayton Snyder


Clayton Snyder is a film, television, and stage actor and producer most known for his role as Ethan Craft on Disney Channel’s Lizzie McGuire. After filming The Lizzie McGuire Movie in 2002, Clayton put acting on hold to pursue athletic and academics. He attended Pepperdine University where he earned a BA in Film Studies and All-American honors as a water polo player and continued to play professionally in Europe and train with the US National Team. Heeding the call back to entertainment, Clayton has since starred in various film and TV projects that can be found on Amazon Prime and Netflix, as well as musicals at the Garry Marshall Theatre. 

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Show Notes:

Saving Innocence
Shot Down by Steve Sndyer
Peter Pietz - Episode #28
The Dip by Seth Godin
Los Angeles Athletic Club Masters Team
Twelve Rules for Life by Dr. Jordan B Peterson
From Here to There by Thane Ringler
Strangers To Ourselves by Timothy D. Wilson
The Magic Of Thinking Big by David Schwartz
The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan
Urangatan and Hound Video

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“The difference between performing and transforming, if you’re performing you’re trying to do something for somebody else. And if you’re transforming, you’re simply putting yourself in the circumstances of the story.” - Clayton Snyder

“Things are simpler then they seem, just be a good person and do the right thing. It boils down to that, we try to complicate things.” - Clayton Snyder

“The older we get, the more complicated we make it.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“If you meet anybody that knows you as that guy from that show, there’s no hope for a real friendship.” - Clayton Snyder

“Isn’t that so fascinating? That it can be two drastically different perspectives of the same person. One is based on a reality and one is based on a created reality or persona.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“There’s so much value in community, it cannot be overstated.” - Clayton Snyder

“'So many other people that would love to be here that don’t have the opportunity that you have. You’ve got to keep pressing forward’, but that's such the wrong reason to do it. It was pride and not passion.” - Clayton Snyder

“Fail forward, I think that goes not only for ourselves individually but for us to pay forward to other people.” - Clayton Snyder

“There is a fine line between pushing through pain and just not be dumb.” - Clayton Snyder

“You got to be in insane physical shape to be put in a position to push yourself to that limit, otherwise your career is done. And is that worth it? Absolutely not.” - Clayton Snyder

“Holding yourself at a higher value, you have to value yourself at a certain level otherwise who else is going to.” - Clayton Snyder 

“It’s less about commitment, it’s about committing specifically.” - Clayton Snyder

“The way to be disciplined is not leave the disciple up to yourself.” - Clayton Snyder 

“We have so many ways to increase convention and efficiency in our life that should be allowing us to relax a little bit, but it’s only enabling us to squeeze more into those cracks.” - Clayton Snyder

“Now, every moment that you’re doing something you have to also be doing something.” - Clayton Snyder

“Most of the issues of the world would be less issues if we had a stronger family unit.” - Clayton Snyder

“Its not like this isn’t an important step because what’s important is later. No, each step is vitally important for setting the next step to be healthy and important.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“I can get stuck thinking abut my success, or what status am I going to achieve or how much money am I going to make. There’s nothing inherently wrong about any of those things, but its when you make a master out of it that they become bad.” - Clayton Snyder

“The darker things can get, the more we can appreciate what life is.” - Clayton Snyder

“Sometimes if you’re not feeling it, sometimes doing it, you feel it.” - Clayton Snyder

“If things aren’t going your way in a certain venue, is that obstacle to overcome or is that God closing the door on it. I think with some prayer, its wherever the peace is.” - Clayton Snyder

Time Markers:

2:30 - Who Is Clayton Snyder?
4:30 - How to Reach Clayton
5:30 - Mysterious Love for Birds
11:30 - Master Impressionist
12:30 - Opportunities Instead Of Auditions
17:00 - Grandfather's Unique WWII Story
22:00 - Lasting Legacy 
25:00 - First Love
27:00 - Opportunity Filled Childhood
28:30 - Water Polo
31:00 - Life Changes & Lizzie McGuire
45:00 - Life After Disney Channel
47:00 - The Importance Of Water Polo
50:30 - Struggles Being A Child Actor
53:00 - The Importance Of Community
55:30 - Acting Comeback
58:00 - Olympic Water Polo Possibilities
101:30 - The Word Quit
1:08:00 - Unreasonable Expectations
1:13:00 - Pushing Our Bodies Too Far
1:16:30 - Appreciating Accomplishments
1:17:30 - A Different Kind Of Language
1:21:00 - Unexpected Almost Italian Fluency
1:26:00 - Clayton Is…
1:27:00 - Integrity & Commitment
1:32:00 - Staying Disciplined
1:33:30 - Lone Wolf vs. A Pack
1:38:00 - Not Running Empty By Giving
1:39:00 - Dealing With Addiction
1:42:30 - Struggle With Sleep
1:44:00 - Benefit Of Therapy 
1:46:00 - Leaving A Healthy Legacy  
1:47:30 - Recognizing the Addiction 
1:49:30 - Awareness Of Awareness
1:52:30 - Impact Of Faith
1:59:30 - When Faith Is Hardest
2:04:30 - Calling For the Future
2:06:30 - New Habit/Belief
2:07:30 - Most Self Asked Question
2:08:00 - Books That Made An Impact
2:09:30 - Most Present Fears
2:12:00 - What Brings Joy
2:13:00 - Daily Text Reminder