92: Esteban Gast

Esteban Gast is an entertainer, educator, and entrepreneur.

He is Colombian, was raised in Puerto Rico and Illinois and currently lives in LA. He was touring as a comedian at the age of 23, taught creativity at the college level and co-authored a book on creativity while living in Central Illinois, and worked as president of a sustainability-focused institute in Panama. He was also COO of Scriptd, a script database and story platform that elevates underrepresented creators. Most recently, he is speaking at schools with CharacterStrong and has helped create all sorts of web, tv, and film content around masculinity, empathy, civic engagement, and more.

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Show Notes

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The Power Of Full Engagement - Tony Schwartz
Living Life Backwards -  David Gibson
The Brief and Wondrous Life Of Oscar Wao - Junot Diaz
The War of Art - Steven Pressfield
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“The stories we see on screen shape how we live our life. Stories are how we shape the world around us and if stories are how we shape the world around us, then there’s a responsibility to be intentional about the stories we tell.” - Esteban Gast

“If somebody is giving you time, do not waste their time and do it well.” - Esteban Gast

“Learning Is practice plus feedback.” - Esteban Gast

“If I know at the end of life the most important things are relationships and love that we shared, that means that this business will be super cool, cause how fun to pay the bills doing something interesting. But if not, how fun to have spent time with people that I love building something that I love even if it didn’t happen.” - Esteban Gast 

“Storytelling is a responsibility.” - Esteban Gast

“If we’re at least present, conscious, or in tune, we know what heart it’s coming from.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“I love the thought of, ‘you can learn something from everyone’.” - Esteban Gast

“A question I love to ask people is ‘if there are significant moments or if every moment is significant?” - Esteban Gast

“A teacher is someone who loves you, models positive behavior, and sets up spaces and situations for you to fail and it's okay.” - Esteban Gast

“I remember thinking learning is transactional, someone telling me something but I think that totally flipped. It can be me or a group of people doing something and then finding out thing along the way.” - Esteban Gast 

“It’s so awesome to hear people talk about the things that really light them up. Especially if they’re not doing it. You can see them imagine this version of themselves or of the future where they do it. That’s such a gift if people allow you to know what their heart truly is about.” - Esteban Gast 

“We all have the ability, no matter where we’re at, to see life as gift and not gain.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Comedy offers often a redemptive take on things that haven’t gone as planned.” - Esteban Gast

“I think comedy and curiosity are linked. And I think living a curious life is one of the best things you can do.” - Esteban Gast

“Life is for us, it doesn’t just happen to us.” - Esteban Gast

“What does it look like to humanize people by acknowledging that their story matters?” - Esteban Gast

“People facing me doesn’t mean that I’m the most important person in the room, it just means the room is set up that way.” - Esteban Gast

“Nothing reminds you that your goals are as worthy as other peoples goals as you cheering on other people’s goals.” - Esteban Gast

“I think helping others is the way to be happy but I think it’s also the best tool to remember this life isn’t just for us.” - Esteban Gast

“That’s almost always going to be the case for us, being most proud of getting through some of the lowest lows not necessarily getting to some of the highest highs.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

Time Markers

1:00 - Get A Shoutout
1:30 - Officially Become An Up & Comer
2:30 - A Synopsis Of Esteban Gast
6:30 - Man Bun Company
13:30 - Esteban’s Many Introductions
15:30 - Changing the Way Schools Teach
19:30 - Equality of Education
21:00 - What Led to Teaching
23:00 - Not Worrying About the Unknowns
24:30 - Always Working With A Partner
29:30 - Learning Strategies & Strategy Themes
33:00 - Story-Telling vs. Story-Selling
36:30 - How to Find Things Interesting
38:30 - Esteban’s Favorite Question
41:30 - Guilty Pleasures
46:00 - Modern Day Education System
49:30 - Learning How to Learn
58:30 - Granting Permission
1:01:00 - Dream Whisperers 
1:06:00 - Intense Isolated Village Life
1:10:00 - Highs & Lows Living Disconnected
1:12:00 - A Belief That Changed
1:20:00 - What Comedy Has Given
1:25:00 - Challenges Of Comedy
1:28:00 - Esteban’s Comedy Approach
1:31:30 - Exploring Ridiculous Things
1:32:30 - How Social Media Culture Has Changed
1:35:30 - Fueling Generosity
1:39:00 - Cornerstone Habits
1:41:30 - Vision For the Future
1:43:30 - Legacy Left Behind
1:44:30 - Most Proud Of...
1:46:00 - Frequently Self Asked Question
1:47:00 - If Bodies Could Talk
1:47:00 - Frivolous Collections
1:48:00 - Books That Made An Impact
1:50:30 - Morning Text Reminder