103: Gabe Conte

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YouTuber, Influencer, Entrepreneur, Musician, and Actor, Gabriel Conte is an LA based 24-year-old living counter-culturally for the name of Jesus. Born and raised in South Florida he began his professional journey through the once popular, short-form video app Vine in his first year of college. Two years later he was able to transfer what he built into a professional, digital entertainment career as an influencer/YouTuber that led him to Los Angeles in the summer of 2015. Since then, Gabriel has continued to grow his following with his now wife - Jess - who he married in December 2016, and build his career both in digital and traditional entertainment as an actor, musician, and entrepreneur. Through his entire journey he has never lost site of the true reason for everything he is building and continued to stay the course, dedicated to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Show Notes:

Gabe’s Channel
Be the Change Blog Post
I Like Me Better Video
Steal Like An Artist - Austin Kleon
Secrets Of the People Who Never Get Sick - Gene Stone
Ice Man w/Yes Theory
What Got You Here Won’t Get You There - Marshall Goldsmith
Draw My Life Video
Crazy Love - Francis Chan
Living Life Backwards - David Gibson
To Have Or To Be - Erich Fromm

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“Creating while simultaneously learning new things as I go.” - Gabe Conte

“Part of the joy in sharing something is seeing the other person receive what you share with them.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Whenever I have something that I’ve made and there’s someone in person, before I post it or even it’s something I’ve recently posted and its something I’m really proud of, whether its a cool picture or video or something like that, I’ll always want to show them in person because its so much more gratifying than it is to just get a comment.” - Gabe Conte

“I love creating new things when I’m also learning the process.” - Gabe Conte

“So many people are inspired by what other people are doing and then finding their own creative interpretive version of that.” - Gabe Conte

“There’s enough space in the marketplace for everyone and its not a competition. I can take my time and make sure things are great and if I’m stressing myself out about stuff, something is wrong because that’s not healthy for me.” - Gabe Conte

“I need to stop saying how hard I work or try to convince people that I work hard and just do the best that I can do and let the results speak for themselves.” - Gabe Conte

“I don’t have to try and convince people that I’m working on things cause I’m confident enough in what it’s going to turn into.” - Gabe Conte

“And I didn’t know what I was doing, why I was doing this, why don’t I enjoy any of this? Why did I get to where I am and I’m not even happy?” - Gabe Conte

“Im doing all these things and I don’t know if I actually want to be doing them.” - Gabe Conte

“At that point, I was just trying to please everyone and being really bad at saying no, I just broke down and was so unhappy with what I was doing.” - Gabe Conte

“As I started pursuing God more during that time, allowing Him to bring my heart towards things. And to let the desires of my heart really come from him. “ - Gabe Conte

“Allow the desires of my heart to really stem from being as close to God as possible.” - Gabe Conte

“All of us who are striving to make a difference in the world within whatever work we are doing, we will experience that emotion in different periods of time along the way. That means we are reaching beyond our current grasp.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“You’re reaching outside of your current comfort zone into that potential that lies beyond and that’s always more uncomfortable, it always produces more tension and that can be overwhelming at times.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“In that time, it was really narrowing down what am I going to work on right now?” - Gabe Conte

“If you haven’t started yet, start now because it is way harder than it was a year ago which was way harder than it was the year before that. But right now it’s a lot easier than it will be in a year’s time.” - Gabe Conte

“It’s so much harder to grow your following than it ever was before.” - Gabe Conte

“I want to grow things big to be able to give generously.” - Gabe Conte

“It's a very broad why, but it’s to be able to grow what we’re doing and to grow that for the betterment of my family and others around us.” - Gabe Conte

“Realizing I feel so fulfilled with a lot of what I’m working on now and how when I’m creating new things, how much joy that brings me.” - Gabe Conte

"Realizing I’m doing what God has placed on my heart to do and I know that’s making Him happy, that’s a form of worship that I know God is pleased in me with. I can feel it through the fulfillment that I receive from it.” - Gabe Conte

“Faith has been hardest when I’m really comfortable in what I’m doing.” - Gabe Conte

“As long as you’re pursuing Jesus and trying to be as Christ-like as possible, you’re going to develop the traits as best as you can.” - Gabe Conte

“I was putting too much pressure on myself on things I was trying to achieve and how that was making me so unhappy because of what a burden it had become.” - Gabe Conte

“All of this is meaningless if God isn’t there, what it’s important is my relationship with the Lord and pursuing that first and from that will bring meaning to everything else.” - Gabe Conte

“You can be a strong man and a strong leader but the leader and the best men are servants first.” - Gabe Conte

Time Markers:

0:30 - How To Join the Fam
1:00 - Who Is Gabe Conte?
4:00 - A Man Of Many Names
5:00 - When Are You Most Yourself?
7:00 - Underwear Drawer
8:00 - Pet Peeves
10:00 - Superpower Of Choice
11:30 - Favorite Childhood TV Show
13:30 - Social Media
16:00 - Describing What He Does
17:00 - Growing and Learning
19:30 - Being A Chameleon
21:00 - The Creative Process
23:30 - Sitting Before Jumping
29:30 - Current Impactful Books
31:00 - Cold Showers
38:30 - Forms Of Inspiration
43:30 - Growth In Marriage
46:30 - Early Steps Of the Relationship
52:30 - Dropping Out Of School
57:00 - Choosing to Stay In L.A.
59:30 - Common Misconceptions
105:00 - Enneagrams
106:30 - Being An Influencer
107:30 - The Truth About the Dark Side
1:13:30 - Business Relationships
1:16:30 - For Upcoming Influencers
1:19:30 - The Why & Hope For the Future
1:22:00 - Homeschooling & Wrestling
1:29:30 - Parents
1:33:30 - Faith Over the Years
1:35:30 - Closeness With God
1:37:00 - When Faith Is Hardest
1:39:00 - How God Uses the Platform
1:44:30 - Advice to 30 Year Old Gabe
1:46:30 - Cornerstone Habits
1:48:30 - Books That Made An Impact
1:51:00 - Ted Talk Topics
1:54:00 - Most Self Asked Question
1:56:00 - Daily Text Reminder