120: Johnny Youssef: Pursuing Opportunity Over Passion: An Entrepreneur Redeeming Real Estate While Embracing The Tensions Of Life


This is an interview with Johnny Youssef, the Swiss Army knife of home renovation. Throughout the years, Johnny has taken on a lot of roles including being a young adult pastor, a television news editor, a real estate agent investor, renovator landlord, interior designer, public speaker, event planner and more. Today, host Thane Marcus Ringler and Johnny talk a lot about different perspectives from the different cultures Johnny lived in. They also talk about being raised with an entrepreneurial mindset and how he views risk as a result. They also touch on learning how to say no and living in different tensions from different seasons of life. One of the large themes during the conversation was the difference between passion and opportunity. It's chock-full of practical, helpful stories and insight. We know you are going to enjoy this interview, so please sit back, relax, and enjoy this interview with Johnny Youssef.

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