108: Joshua Davis

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Joshua Davis is an Actor, Producer and Director living in Hollywood, California.

He is known for his work producing and directing for BuzzFeed. As an actor, he's appeared in television shows like Grey's Anatomy and General Hospital. In his free time Joshua serves as a mentor to teen boys through Good City Mentors and the Boys Republic.

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Show Notes:

Good City Mentors
Episode 86 - Brian Larrabee
Purpose Driven Life - Rick Warren
Genesis 3:6-7 - Both At Fault
The Way of the Superior Man - David Deida
Luke 22:54-62 - Peter Denying Jesus
Galatians 2:16 - Turning From the Law
Outliers - Malcom Gladwell
The Meaning Of Marriage - Tim Keller

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“There’s a lot of power in a name.” - Thane Ringler

“God, please help me become the man you want me to be before you give me these things.” - Joshua Davis

“We can have a calling or an anointing, but we shouldn’t be appointed to that position before we’re ready for it.” - Thane Ringler

"God’s way is never about the right actions, it’s about the right heart.” - Thane Ringler

“I’d rather make a mistake with the right intention than have the wrong intention and get it done.” - Joshua Davis

“While I’m striving to achieve all of this success and get so much for myself, If I didn’t have the posture of giving already than none of that really matters.” - Joshua Davis

“When you’re in pain, the best thing you can do is go serve someone else.” - Joshua Davis

“Saying no allows you to say a powerful yes.” - Thane Ringler

“We really have to check ourselves with God, because God’s like 'yeah I want you to do these things but it’s not all for you to do, you’re not me. Don’t think you have as much power as you think you do.'” - Joshua Davis

“Women have a lot to teach us and I think that idea that we put them in this specific category and box is one of the reasons why we have toxic masculinity.” - Joshua Davis

“There’s this need in America and in this society for a revival and a movement around healthy masculinity.” - Thane Ringler

“At the root of toxic masculinity is fear and power.” - Joshua Davis

“God is obviously both masculine and feminine because he created both.” - Joshua Davis

“The loudest ones are usually the ones selling it wrong.” - Joshua Davis

“We have to start being more conscious about what we’re consuming which fuels and informs our perception which dictates a lot of our thoughts, feelings, and actions in the moment.” - Thane Ringler

“Too many times you’ve got a room full of men deciding what women need.” - Joshua Davis

“We need to be asking questions not coming up with answers.” - Joshua Davis

“Isolation always leads to downfalls.” - Thane Ringler

“The root of every problem in our society is a result of unhealthy men.” - Thane Ringler

“It’s always going to be a slow long process but it’s possible. To believe it’s possible and to believe it’s important enough to do something about it and really lean in.” - Thane Ringler

“We’re all a part of the problem but we can all be a part of the solution.” - Joshua Davis

“That’s the way we have to approach it is just by meeting people where they are and reminding them: it’s about moving forward, it’s not about anything that happened before.” - Joshua Davis

“If people say: ‘he’s a good director, he’s a good producer, he’s a good actor but he’s one of the best men that I know.’ That’s what I want my thing to be.” - Joshua Davis

“Acting is it’s own beautiful thing that helps me connect with myself and humanity in a way that nothing else can.” - Joshua Davis

“Being a specialist is only good in certain fields and being a generalist is actually more useful in more fields.” - Thane Ringler

“I did a lot of work and am constantly doing it and will continue for the rest of my life to make myself stronger and stronger but only through the lens of love.” - Joshua Davis

“Getting to the core of why I feel a certain way or why I’m doing something helps me set my intention. If I can’t answer that question clearly I don’t have peace. ” - Joshua Davis

“Believe that the best life that you want is going to happen.” - Joshua Davis

Time Markers:

1:00 - First Child
3:00 - How To Help
4:00 - Who Is Joshua Davis?
5:30 - Josh vs. Joshua
10:30 - Potty Training Horror Story
12:00 - Passion Filled Childhood
18:00 - Admired Characters
20:00 - Picking Up Thor’s Hammer
22:00 - Staying Consistent
26:00 - Toxic Masculinity & Giving Back
35:00 - Balancing Pouring Out & Filling Up
44:00 - Soul Mates
1:10:30 - Date vs. Hang Out
1:19:00 - Rapping Influence
1:22:30 - Toxic Masculinity
1:42:30 - Generalist vs. Specialist
1:47:30 - Strongest Skillset
1:57:00 - One Word
2:00:30 - Impactful Books
2:02:30 - New Habits
2:03:30 - Most Self Asked Question
2:04:00 - Advice to Younger Self
2:07:30 - Morning Text Reminder