96: Kait Warman


Kait Warman is a Los Angeles based lifestyle blogger, inspirational speaker, relationship coach, online educator and host of the Heart of Dating Podcast, a top 50 Christian rated Podcast.

Kait's mission is to empower both men and women to have the courage to own their story, walk in victory, thrive with PURPOSE, and discover clarity and vision in their life and relationships. Kait is particularly passionate about the topic of relationships and has a deep hope that the dating scene can be transformed (because let’s face it #thestruggleisreal).

She has an extensive dating background, but has actively worked to seek hope, growth, and an even deeper sense of self love. She LOVES walking alongside those on a similar journey... while showing them that dating can actually be AMAZING!

In early 2018 Kait launched the Heart of Dating Podcast to start a conversation and navigate into the murky waters of dating with her fellow singles. Kait now helps hundreds of men and women on their journey through the conversations on her podcast, 1 on 1 relationship coaching, as well as her online dating and heartbreak courses.

She loves Jesus, going to Disneyland as much as possible, all things French.... and is wildly obsessed with Celine Dion. She believes at the core that each person is perfectly unique, loved, & worthy of God’s best... but that we all need to remember to dance it out just a bit more. ;)

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Show Notes:

Celine Dion - Spotify
To Have Or To Be - Erich Fromm
Anointing vs. Gifting - Christine Caine
Genesis 15
New Wine - Hillsong
Heart of Dating Podcast
Sacred Search - Gary Thomas
Influence - Robert Cialdini
Solitude - Dallas Willard
Rest Must Be Stronger Than Exhaustion - Jon Tyson
Uninvited - Lysa TerKeurst
Dare to Lead - Brene Brown
Co Dependent No More - Melody Beattie
The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah


“Love is the lifeline that holds all of us together.” - Kait Warman

(The Enneagram) “There are nine different characteristics of God that we all embody but because of things that happened in our childhood, the way God created us, the way our identity was when we first were born, shifted, and started molding and becoming different.” - Kait Warman

“Knowing that everyone thinks they’re right and they’re operating off of a life full of experiences that are different than yours. That understanding unlocks so much compassion and empathy too.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“That actual having, steals our freedom. Striving for possessing something is actually taking us away from the freedom of living.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“It’s not that healthy to just go on a giant leap, I think you’re going to go in too blind. Take steps.” - Kait Warman

“God rewards our faithfulness from taking that step and will lead us ultimately to where we’re going.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“When you’ve healed a layer and you go to the next layer, it doesn’t mean that no bad things are going to happen. It just means you are more capable of handling more and therefore something bigger might actually happen.” - Kait Warman

“God is preparing us for what he has prepared for us.”- Thane Marcus Ringler

“If God has anointed you in it, he will bring you in the right appointing time but right now just may not be your appointed time.” - Kait Warman

“The hardest part of being single is you’re depending on yourself. So how can I remove self dependence and turn it into God dependence.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“I'm in a season of saying no to a lot in order to say yes to God.” - Kait Warman

“Waiting is more the status of our hearts, that we are waiting healthily on God to move In our lives but that we are stewarding incredible things in our lives right now and we’re thriving as much as we possibly can.” - Kait Warman

"I ultimately think a lot of relationship issues come from not really loving ourselves and not understanding God’s love for us.” - Kait Warman

“We just live by the commandment ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ but we forget the ‘as yourself’ part’” - Kait Warman

“What do you love? How do you most feel loved? If you understand those things, you start giving them to yourself or putting yourself in situations where you can receive those things.” - Kait Warman

“Teachability is massive and that rests on the foundation of humility. It’s understanding that you can learn something from someone else.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“You really have to question ‘Hey if I make zero money from this at all, would I still do it?’ If you can say yes, you’re in the right spot.” - Kait Warman

“We have to see reality first for what it is, then we get to make a powerful choice. And that’s what leads to the powerful change.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Having a very clear vision for your life but not holding onto it so tight that you wouldn’t be willing to give it all up tomorrow if God told you to. To me that is healthy ambition.” - Kait Warman

Time Markers:

6:00 - Who Does Kait Personify
8:00 - Celine Dion Facts
15:00 - Roots of Love for Celine 
19:00 - Words to Describe Kait
20:00 - Enneagram & Deep Romantic
23:00 - Discovering the Enneagram
26:30 - Explaining the Enneagram & How To Use It
30:00 - Limitations of the Enneagram
33:30 - An Achiever in An Achievement Based World
41:30 - Life After A Fashion Career
45:30 - Baby Steps Instead of Giant Leaps
48:30 - Anointing vs. Appointing
55:00 - Season Of Singleness
1:00:00 - Obstacles In Current Relationship Culture
1:06:00 - Loving Yourself
1:15:00 - Producing Healthy Relationships
1:21:30 - Hardest Advice to Follow
1:25:30 - The Reality Of Life
1:33:30 - Healthy Ambition
1:34:30 - Kait’s Future Vision
1:36:00 - Journey Of Faith
1:40:30 - Intimacy With God
1:42:00 - Common Self Talk
1:43:00 - Powerful Books
1:46:00 - Tears Of Joy
1:47:00 - If Kait Taught A Class
1:49:00 - Morning Text Reminder