111: Koko Archibong: Hard Work, Optimistic Faith, And Failing Fast: A Professional Basketball Player’s Recipe For A Successful Life


With a family originally from Nigeria, Koko Archibong grew up playing the main sport of the world, soccer. Towards high school, he started gravitating towards basketball because he loved the speed of the game. Starting from a high school summer basketball program, Koko has gained significant experience in the sports world and spent a decade as a professional basketball player in the NBA and overseas. He is currently the Vice President and Investment Counselor for Capital Group Private Client Services and works with high net worth individuals and their families to design customized plans for protecting and growing their wealth over multiple generations. On today’s show, Koko talks about his Nigerian heritage, his work ethic, his career journey in basketball and the learnings from those ten years playing professionally. He also opens up about the importance of optimism and faith, failing fast, his mission in life, and all things that are part of a professional basketball player’s recipe for a successful life.

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