21: Learning


“It was unbelievable to me that I had never been taught to think, and I had never been taught to learn (post-college).”  - Adam Setser

“Ultimately learning is others-focused, not self-focused.”  - Thane Ringler

“The entire purpose of education is to prepare you to be a better leader.”  - Adam Setser

“We have totally focused on the rational mind and let go of the intuitive mind, and wisdom really only exists in the intuitive mind.”  - Adam Setser

“An 8-year-old in ancient Greece would have been more logical than a 40-year-old now on Facebook.”  - Adam Setser

“The Andy Griffith Show is my life.”  - Adam Setser

“Nothing teaches us quite like failing.”  - Thane Ringler


YouTube video on kid making case for cupcake
About Face - Col. David H. Hackworth
The Lost Tools of Learning - Dorothy Sayers
The Far Side of Complexity - Thane's blog post
Invitation to the Pain of Learning - Mortimer Adler
Make It Stick - Peter Brown


7:30 - Intro to Learning Episode
10:35 - Philosophy on Education
22:30 - Classical Education Methodology
31:00 - The Benefits of Learning
38:30 - Transition from Philosophy to Application
41:45 - Practical Learning Tips
56:00 - Why you should learn