105: Fellowship ft. Nate Neven


Raised in Los Angeles, Nate has been surrounded by a variety of educational beliefs his whole life. With being home-schooled, the discussion between the value of public, private, or home school was ever present and became a motivation for him to study education in college. After receiving his B.A. in Mathematics Education from California State University, Northridge, he continued at CSUN for his teaching credential. Currently, Nate is teaching middle school mathematics. Alongside education, his passions are: human development, cognitive development, individual learning styles, and building a caring learning environment. Personally, he loves living in Los Angeles, a city filled with amazing international foods and numerous outdoor activities.

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Show Notes:

From Here to There - Thane Marcus Ringler
Be the Change: Overcoming Self Limiting Beliefs - Blog post
Culture Making - Andy Crouch
Episode 37 - Shannon Hurley
Assumptions that Affect Our Lives by Christian Overman
Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis

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“Education is not learning, learning can be a part of education but by no means is it a guaranteed part of it.” - Thane Ringler

“We really have to exercise our brains in both directions, in that logical and structure, and even In the creative.” - Nate Neven

“When we value something, that’s the motivation we need. We start intrinsically desiring it and wanting to learn something.” - Nate Neven

“How do I carry out an attitude and an aura of authority in the classroom? You can’t really teach that, it’s something you have to develop.” - Nate Neven

“As a teacher, if I can be there and let them know — hey you know what? In this classroom you’re safe, you don’t have to worry about those things right now.” - Nate Neven

“Communicating that you care about someone is the number one way to have a loving relationship with anyone.” - Thane Ringler

“It’s so fun to be human.” - Thane Ringler

“We can have an open mind and still have beliefs and convictions.” - Thane Ringler

“Work glorifies the Lord, your diligence in that work pleases Him. Your service in that pleases him. And so, even your work is about Him, but at the end of the day you’ve got to go home and rest.” - Nate Neven

“Is my expectation that I’m just going to work all the time and that’s it? Or the reality that I need to spend time with other people and take care of myself.” - Nate Neven

“We always have to ask ourselves how we’re going to be most helpful. Most of the time it’s not by doing anything and everything possible, it’s by doing the best things possible and then leaving the rest to be done when they need to get done.” - Thane Ringler

“We’re going to be able to provide so much more benefit in our work if we have wise and strict boundaries for our work.” - Thane Ringler

“Even if the project is not the most realistic thing, it is realistic because they’re working on a project.” - Nate Neven

“Giving people the time to learn self-management is so counter cultural.” - Nate Neven

“It is so much easier for us as human beings to be destructive than it is to be instructive, constructive, and creative.” - Nate Neven

“We shape our perception and perspective of the world. We have a view of the world, and that view, the way you look at the world is something that you’ve built.” - Nate Neven

“We really do shape our perspective and our worldview. The way we interpret the things around us is something that we’ve built, no one else has influenced that.” - Nate Neven

“It was a challenge to think about the positive things in this world.” - Nate Neven

“We’re all pretty easy on ourselves because that’s the easier path.” - Thane Ringler

“Tone of voice affects your communication.” - Nate Neven

Time Markers:

7:30 - First Impression
11:00 - Teacher Voice
14:00 - Past, Present, & Future With School
18:00 - From Class to Classroom
19:30 - Obtaining An Aura of Authority
22:00 - Arguing With Love
27:00 - Work & Rest
32:00 - Improving How Kids Learn
37:30 - Wish List Of Reforms
49:30 - Game Changing Perspectives
57:30 - Two Word Phrases
1:06:00 - Next Five Years
1:07:30 - Impactful Books
1:09:30 - Ted Talk Topic
1:10:30 - Daily Text Reminder