91: Tensions Of Life


In this second part of the Tensions of Life series, Adam and Thane discuss the balance between novelty and mundanity within daily life.

From examining the difference between healthy and unhealthy forms of novelty, to discussing the true role of novelty in everyday life, this conversation is sure to be as thought-provoking as it is entertaining. Learning how to live a good life is a daily process for all of us, join us in this journey and tune in to hear what living with intentionality in the realm of novelty entails.

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Show Notes:

To Have or to Be - Erich Fromm
Culture Making - Andy Crouch
Red Balloon Clip - Christopher Robin Movie


“I’m being inundated with advertisements that teaches me in a mundane way that my purpose on this earth is to buy, consume, and acquire and do it through these means.” - Adam Setser

“I underestimate the power of the mundane and I overestimate the power of the novel when it comes to their effect on me.”  - Adam Setser

“We do face that tension of things souring as they go mundane.” - Adam Setser

“My decision to buy my camper, was actually a decision to refuse the novelty of whatever may be new and go back to the old and that may be a novel move itself.” - Adam Setser

“There’s two ways to analyze the value of something and it's in the intrinsic value, within the actual thing itself, and then the extrinsic value, which is everyones perception of it.” - Adam Setser

“There is such a blessing in novelty because it brings newness to the mundane.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Novelty is extremely easy to jump in and out of.” - Adam Setser

“We have a need for novelty, or else we’ll get burned out because we need some newness infused here and there to keep us going with endurance.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“The nature end of novelty is that it leads to to an addiction that is self defeating because it creates in you a desire that can’t actually be fulfilled.” - Adam Setser

“Everything important in life eventually can become mundane.” - Adam Setser

"Creating is the novelty, the cultivating is the mundanity of taking care of what's been created.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“I think the natural purpose of novelty is to reenergize, to grab our attention again.” - Adam Setser

“That’s what novelty is, it’s an advertisement for wonder.” - Adam Setser

“Whatever it is I'm doing, if Gods joy is not in that moment, it’s probably my fault because there is something in that moment to enjoy.” - Adam Setser

"What presence means is you let go of the past completely and you let go of the future completely, this moment right here is all that matters.” - Adam Setser

Time Markers:

1:00 - Infrared Technology
3:00 - How to Join the Fam!
5:00 - How to Get A Shoutout
7:00 - New Vs. Normal
9:00 - Daily Appearance Of Novelty & Mundane
10:00 - The Uh-Oh Vibe
11:00 - Advertisements Effect On Us
12:00 - What Novelty Really Looks Like
19:30 - How Novelty Affects Mundanity
22:30 - Separation from Technology
25:30 - Responsibility Through Novelty
27:00 - Addiction to Novelty
32:00 - Finding Beauty in the Mundane
45:00 - Intentionality With the Novelty & Mundane