94: Fellowship ft. Oksanna Shulgach

Oksanna Shulgach is a YouTuber, traveler, and aspiring entrepreneur. Her goal through YouTube Is to motivate people to live bold lives without regrets. She is passionate about travel, her family, and all things related to creating and experiencing life.

In this episode, Thane and Oksanna chat about what it’s like to be a YouTuber from who inspired her to the future plans with her channel, Osi Talks. They talk of the lessons that come from being your own boss and the difficulties surrounding living in L.A. From mental health struggles, to being comfortable with yourself, to embracing responsibilities, and everywhere in-between - this conversation is one you won’t want to miss.

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Show Notes:

Osi Talks Channel
Dodie Clark Channel
Ted Talk - Maise Williams


"At the end of the day we're all people and we just need to be in this together cause that’s the only way we're going to get anywhere.” - Oksanna Shulgach

"If you do it all by yourself, you're missing out on connections, relationships, and just the joy of life.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“The fact that YouTube, the videos that we see, we're seeing someone through a screen, we’re not actually seeing them. So in our minds, that’s where they exist. They exist on this computer.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“We’re all made of the same thing, we’re all made of the same flesh and bone.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“Just because someone else is pursuing and is succeeding at your dream, doesn’t mean you can’t also do that.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“That was my next step in life, just getting more direction. Everything else that happened along the way is just bonus.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“Sometimes we need to have our backs against a wall to find out who we are, what we’re made of and what we’re really trying to do in life.” - Thane Marcus Ringler 

“You just need to find a way to be uncomfortable so that you’re forced to figure things out.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“This is the only body that you’re ever gonna get, you need to treat it well and love yourself and be alone with your thoughts.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“No time is wasted and everything you do or don’t do is for a reason and you’re going to learn from that in some way.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“You don’t always have to be doing something every moment of every day.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“If you were laying on your death bed and looking back at your life, what would you have regretted not doing?" - Oksanna Shulgach

"Being able to have little things that I can check off, that gives me enough motivation to keep getting through the day. 'Look at all the things you did today, you did a good job.'” - Oksanna Shulgach

“We need to create achievable small wins so that we can celebrate the progress that we actually are making.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“You’ve got to be able to self observe before you can self correct.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“There is no pain without purpose.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“Not everything you make is going to be amazing, but that’s okay because it’s getting you toward the point of making something that is amazing.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“If you're doing something because you're passionate about it, and then you stop becoming passionate about it, then it’s time to re-evaluate why you’re doing it in the first place.” - Oksanna Shulgach

“Live a bold life, because otherwise what’s the point?” - Oksanna Shulgach

Time Markers:

1:00 - Join the Fam!
2:00 - Who Is Oksanna
5:30 - Unintentional Self Branding
6:30 - Bizzare Name Pronunciations
7:30 - Family Heritage in a Nutshell
8:30 - Moving to L.A.
9:30 - The Beginning of YouTube
10:30 - Embarrassing Firsts
12:30 - We’re All Just People
17:30 - Moving to L.A. 
20:30 - Current Fears
22:00 - Workaholic vs. Being Lazy
24:00 - Figuring Yourself Out
27:00 - Being Okay Being Alone
29:00 - Affinity for Travel
32:00 - Vivid Travel Memory
39:30 - Dealing With Mental Health
49:30 - Becoming Decisive
58:00 - Source Of Inspiration
1:02:00 - Vision for the Future
1:06:30 - Definition Of An Up & Comer 
1:07:30 - Morning Text Reminder