39: Prioritization; Haters; The Dark Side of Traveling; Introspection; The Process of Change; and Some Thoughts on Risk


In this conversation, Adam and Thane discuss relevant issues in this stage of life as Up & Comers. From the importance of prioritizing well, to the benefit and balance of introspection, to the process of change, to risk assessment and management, and much more.

This is a light-hearted discussion, but one that will stimulate much thought and introduce some new perspectives on issues we all face. 


“Risk helps us see, with clarity, what reality is.”  - Thane Ringler

“I think it is the American plague - of constantly looking at ourselves.”  - Adam Setser

“Success is a short sprint, fueled by discipline, until habit takes over.”  - Tim Keller

“That’s my favorite part of habits and disciplines - is that it compounds into other areas, both positively and negatively.”  - Thane Ringler

“Travel creates that longing in you to get back home. If all you ever do is just stay home, you start to build a contempt for it. Familiarity breeds contempt.”  - Adam Setser

Show Notes:

Thane's Blog Summarizing Lessons Learned from Portugal
Robert Frost Poem
Strangers To Ourselves - Timothy D. Wilson
When Helping Hurts - Steve Corbett and Brian Fikkert
Solo-isode ft. Adam
CORE Valdosta - YouTube Channel
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Time Markers:

1:30 - Adam’s Current Workload
3:30 - New Teammate Information
5:00 - Donation Option
7:00 - Current Struggles in Adam’s Life
11:00 - Update on Thane’s Golf Career
14:30 - Thane’s First Legitimate Hater
22:30 - The Dark Sides of Traveling
25:15 - Airport Adventures
27:30 - Thoughts on Introspection
38:00 - Development - The Process of Change
46:00 - Adam’s New Ride
49:00 - Risk Assessment
57:30 - Adam’s YouTube Channel