97: Rest


In a culture that pushes working 24/7 in order to achieve your dreams, rest is a forgotten part of this equation. During this solo episode, Thane talks about the importance of the Sabbath and practical ways we can make this a reality in our lives today.

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Show Notes:

To Have Or To Be - Erich Fromm
The False Promise of Modern Society - Thane’s Blog
Deuteronomy 5:12-15 - The Sabbath Commandment
Work & Rest - Tim Keller


“Life has been intentionally patterned with rhythms, with ebs and flows, that help us maintain some semblance of balance or normalcy.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“So much of our motivations and lives are run by the pursuit of those three things, money, fame, and power.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“We have convinced ourselves that the only path forward is the path of 24/7, the non stop grind, the mad hustle that is our lives.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“What we see as the results from this is anxiety, depression, burn out, a total lack of fulfillment in anything we do.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“When we start becoming superhuman and superman in what we can produce, what we can achieve, what we can accomplish, we start losing more and more our ability to simply be human.” - Thane Marcus Ringler 

“We think that by working non stop we will reach our goals and accomplish our mission that much faster but we end up hurting our overall well being and our total production capacity.” - Thane Marcus Ringler 

“[a sabbath is] really doing things that give life, that give joy, that feel restful.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“Having one day where we aren’t working, it will help us be a balanced person, even throughout the other six days of working.” -  Thane Marcus Ringler

“Work isn’t life, work is a part of life.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“We’re always going to have opposition especially when we’re trying to swim upstream by doing something that isn’t popular in the majority.” - Thane Marcus Ringler

“We have to find ways to commit to what we really believe in and then stack the deck in our favor in order to help us follow through.” -  Thane Marcus Ringler

Time Markers:

2:00 - What Rest Actually Looks Like
3:00 - Why We Need Rest
10:30 - What A Sabbath Should Be
14:30 - A Sabbath Equals Benefits
16:30 - Questions to Dig Deeper