106: TRACE


TRACE is a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter who was made to create music.

Growing up in Orange County, California, the daughter of Carol Kim (known as "the Tina Turner of Vietnam"), TRACE never planned to follow her mother's footsteps and pursue a career in music. She picked up an acoustic guitar for the first time as a teenager, but didn't begin writing songs until her freshman year of college. TRACE found her voice in writing songs, and since then, music has become a personal calling that she hasn’t turned away from.

In 2016, TRACE brought her first EP, Low, to life through a Kickstarter campaign. The 4-track project earned her comparisons to the “west-coast cool of Lana Del Rey” and the “R&B-kissed ruminations of James Blake,” as well as over 20M streams and her first record deal.

In early 2018 TRACE made her Ultra Records debut with 3 singles and a partnership with the California chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Health (NAMI) to raise awareness on anxiety in the entertainment industry.

TRACE is set to release her next single August 9th. The song will be the third track off her sophomore EP, expected late summer/early fall of 2019.

With over 55 million streams across her catalog, and press support from Refinery 29, Teen Vogue, NYLON, Forbes, Milk, HypeBeast, C-Heads Magazine, The Line of Best Fit and L’Officiel it’s clear that TRACE is a voice you can’t ignore.

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Show Notes:

Anxiety - Trace
You Are the Placebo - Dr. Joe Dispenza
Mastery - Robert Greene
The Power Of Now - Eckhart Tolle

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“Everyone is just trying to find a way.” - Thane Ringler

“It feels really healing to confess things that are heavy.” - Trace

“To take something that’s a part of the human experience, which is emotions, and to redeem them for good and to make art that’s beautiful that connects and relates to people is a much better path.” - Thane Ringler

“It’s an honor to be able to see truth quickly, and then take it for what it is and let go of things that aren’t mine to hold.” - Trace

“It’s so intense to know what you’re supposed to do in life.” - Trace

“I like doing things that I have no idea about because the curiosity outweighs the pressure.” - Trace

"There is a freedom in stepping into something with literally no expectation.” - Trace

“When you’re surprised by an opportunity, it deserves your attention.” - Trace

“Having peace over clarity has been my life.” - Trace

“You have to have the attitude of it really will work out. And what’s the worst thing that can happen?” - Trace

“Fear is boring. [Fear is] a boring excuse for me.” - Trace

“Even if it is one versus two people that are loving you, one versus zero is an astronomical difference.” - Thane Ringler

“I don’t think what we do is who we are. I think what we do is one extension of how we are to help shift and shape culture.” - Trace

“I think my faith has allowed me to feel really secure in the things that I’m about and the things I’m not about.” - Trace

“Faith is different for everyone, but at the core of it, I’m beyond my job, I’m beyond my songs.” - Trace

“Part of the purpose of eliminating music is to see and hear God’s music.” - Thane Ringler

“I feel like I could exist with it and I can still write from a place of anxiousness and not feel like a puddle.” - Trace

“I’m a glutton for suffering.” - Trace

“Having anxiety is not your identity.” - Trace

“Not listening to music inspires me musically.” - Trace

“You’re pulling inspiration from what’s already there, meaning what’s next isn’t there so you’re actually missing it because you're in the vacuum of what’s there." - Thane Ringler

“Being unafraid to talk about the things that are a little more important to you than the things you think are important to people.” - Trace

“When you’re grateful, you’re confident.” - Trace

“When you know someone online and you’re friends and you see how they present themselves online and you meet them and they’re so different, it makes me go crazy.” - Trace

Time Markers:

6:30 - Identity
7:30 - Pro Athlete Path
8:00 - Fashion Changes
10:00 - Music Origins
14:00 - Why Sad Music
16:30 - Full On Feeling
20:00 - Helpful Feeling
22:00 - Practical Boundaries
27:00 - Fear Without Pressure
30:00 - Path to Music
37:30 - Stability & Dreams
41:00 - Unusual Family Dynamic
45:30 - The Role Of Faith
50:30 - Struggle Through the Singleness
53:00 - Romantic Stories
55:00 - Story Behind Writing
1:00:30 - Pros/Cons Of Befriending Anxiety
1:04:30 - Separating Yourself From Anxiety
1:07:30 - Trace’s Genre
1:14:30 - Pulling Inspiration & Creative Process
1:25:30 - Misconceptions Of Perception
1:30:30 - Culture & Dreams
1:38:30 - Words to Describe Trace
1:40:00 - Perceiving the Truth Of People
1:43:00 - Choosing Love
1:45:00 - Food Favorites
1:46:30 - Most Self Asked Question
1:48:00 - Ted Talk Topic
1:49:00 - New Habit/Belief
1:50:00 - Impactful Books
1:51:30 - Morning Text Remember