109: Fellowship ft. Vanessa Dawson


Vanessa is a Venice based event coordinator and stylist who works with local creatives to curate shared experiences and cultivate community. Motivated by seeing people genuinely on cloud nine as they share life events with one another, she is the driving force to make any vision come to life.

With a diverse set of experiences from large scale social gatherings of 300+ people to intimate fireside panel discussions, Vanessa can see any event through. Her attention to detail, keen eye for design, love for harmony, and logistical mastery ensure that each and every event highlights artistry and runs like a well-oiled machine.

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Show Notes:

Episode 71 - Brit Gilmore (founder of The Giving Keys)
www.Kinevents.com - Vanessa’s Event Company
Big Magic - Elizabeth Gilbert
Deuteronomy 1:30 - The Lord will fight for you

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“We need to be humbled, always. As humans we need to be continually humbled.” - Thane Ringler

“There’s a lot of energy spent adapting.” - Vanessa Dawson

“Life gets pretty complicated and we always have twenty different choices, there’s always somewhere new. But what does it look like to go to the same places?” - Vanessa Dawson

“If you go into something wanting to make an impact on a human it makes a difference ” - Thane Ringler

“Coffee shops are a great catalyst for community.” - Thane Ringler

“If people know that you’re for them just as much as they are for you then they can actually be for you.” - Thane Ringler

“We can flow together we don’t have to try and push everyone out of our lane so we can flow on our own, there’s a way that there is perfect synergy.” - Vanessa Dawson

“I don’t think any part of life is sustainable if you’re doing things on your own, so why are we trying?” - Vanessa

“Defining what that success is is so important because a lot of times we let other people define it for us.” - Thane Ringler

"Theres a big difference between something to do and something worth doing.” - Thane Ringler

“It’s not prideful to know what you’re good at.” - Vanessa Dawson

“Be okay with not doing all the time, just be.” - Vanessa Dawson

“There is no way I’m just going to figure this all out without [God] going before me no matter which option I choose.” - Vanessa Dawson

“Denying that you’re fearful or whatever it is, pushing it to the back, gives it power. Accepting it, weakens those things. ” - Vanessa Dawson

“Knowing that now I have the mind of Christ, why am I self doubting?” - Vanessa Dawson

“It’s not me, it’s God in me.” - Vanessa Dawson

“If we actually waited on the Lord for every decision, we can’t make a bad decision.” - Thane Ringler

“If you’re going to keep moving forward on the trajectory of success and what is it going to look like down the road, start boundaries early on.” - Vanessa Dawson

“Boundaries show you where your responsibilities start and end.” - Vanessa Dawson

“The tyranny of the urgent never dies but that doesn’t mean it’s the most important thing to do." - Thane Ringler

“The most important things, the decisions or disciplines are always requiring more energy up front but have more reward down the road, more benefit long term.” - Thane Ringler

“Five years ago I was very different than who I am now but if I don’t reassess, there’s not growth there.” - Vanessa Dawson

“Learning to receive even if you don’t feel worthy. You might not feel it, but that’s a way to honor [God] and give him glory.” - Vanessa Dawson

“God can be using the most mundane things.” - Vanessa Dawson

Time Markers:

1:00 - How to Get Connected
2:00 - The Giving Keys
3:30 - Fellowship vs. Interview
6:30 - Nicknames
8:20 - The Background
9:30 - The Truth Of Venice
12:30 - Transitions
16:00 - Consistency & Patterns
25:00 - Kin Events
29:30 - Event Objectives
33:30 - What It Really Means to Be Busy
37:30 - Nine to Five vs. Self Employment
47:30 - Weakening Self Doubt
52:30 - The Reality Of Self Employment
54:00 - Benefit of Boundaries
1:00:30 - Decisions at Crossroads
1:04:30 - Source Of Excitement
1:08:00 - Daily Text Reminder