80: Vision


In this episode, Thane and Adam reflect on 2018 and all that’s transpired, as well as take a look at the year ahead and what goals are set before them. Tune in for some quality bro-time and some reminders of what this time of year is all about!

Show Notes

From Here to There - Thane Marcus Ringler
Hidden Christmas - Tim Keller
On Fairytales - J.R. Tolkein
Advent: The Threat of Hope - sermon by Jon Tyson

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“It’s like the Lincoln Memorial to discipline.”  - Adam Setser (referring to From Here to There)

“The easier path is always to settle.”  - Thane Ringler 

“Settling is the natural default if we don’t have intention with our lives.”  - Thane Ringler

“I’m excited to start seeing more fruits of the labor.”  - Thane Ringler

“We like to take ownership of bringing the fruit, but at the end of the day God is always the one who brings the fruit, in His time and in His season.”  - Thane Ringler

“I used to be so in my mind and now I’m not.”  - Adam Setser

“Faithfulness to your commitment is what grounds you. Maintaining your commitments is what makes you a good man.”  - Adam Setser

“A commitment is not blind — walking by faith is not blind — but it does entail only partial vision.” - Thane Ringler

“Reflection is ultimately making those commitments anew again.”  - Thane Ringler


1:00 - Thane’s New Book!
10:00 - End of Year Process / Recap
21:00 - Next Year Projections
34:00 - Merry Christmas!