Meet Adam

Adam Setser

Sometimes I’m a falling down drunk trying to walk the line, but the scary thing is, rarely do I ever realize that. It’s difficult for anyone to admit you don’t know what’s going on, but it’s certainly easier when nothing is on the line. And yet, for those of us in the up and coming phase of life, everything is on the line…and so you actually have to know what’s going on. What a problem.

I’m Adam, born and raised in the South, where I learned how much I thought I knew. I moved to Los Angeles for college to chase my dream of becoming something “important”, and there I learned how much I didn’t even know I didn’t know. The known unknowns are one thing but the unknown unknowns are stifling.

Which is why I spend most of my life poking my head in places it shouldn’t go. I don’t know why I am curious about fountain pens and carbon fiber bicycles and the mathematical concept of infinity. I just feel like my not knowing is somehow ruining my life.

It’s this pursuit of knowledge that drives me, but it’s the pursuit of wisdom that sustains me. The more responsibility I bear, the more I realize I need wisdom—a really earthy and bottom-line wisdom that guides me as if I had the cheat codes to the maze of life.

I’m a Financial Advisor by day and a bookworm by night. Every day I face the decision we all face—the decision between life and death, wisdom and folly—and it comes at me from every direction. And my greatest fear is that one day I’ll lose motivation to make the right choice.

The Up & Comers Show is near and dear to my heart because it takes this journey and puts flesh on it. It voices the struggle, builds a community, and keeps me honest and far away from the apathy I fear. Life’s not a sprint, or a marathon; it’s a relay, and I’m just running one leg. And at 25, I’m just starting to get going good.

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