buy Pregabalin canada If you’re looking for a good laugh, this light-hearted episode will provide it. In this casual conversation with Bryant Wiens, we talk about cherished memories from past lives, and get to hear what Bryant has learned throughout his 26 years of life so far.

Working in the construction field and being a superintendent at a young age, Bryant has a lot of insight and practical wisdom that he was able to share throughout this episode. It was a fun, interesting, and encouraging discussion that you don’t want to miss!


“Part of being a good leader is getting everybody to back you up – to get everybody on the same page and everybody running along-side of you.”  – Bryant Wiens

“We’re still developing our skill-sets and mastery of whatever field we’re in, but we also kind of have to ‘be there’ already. Being humble, but also asserting ourselves.”  – Adam Setser

“We don’t do houses.”  – Bryant Wiens

“I love L.A. Guilty as charged.”  – Thane Ringler

Show Notes:

Extreme Ownership – Jocko Willink

Time Markers:

4:10 – Context
6:30 – Bryant’s Current Life
9:45 – Being a home-owner
12:10 – Common Misperceptions in Construction
18:00 – Areas of Compromise in Construction
22:00 – Bryant and Thane – Childhood Friends
26:15 – College Experience
37:10 – What Bryant has Learned from Marriage
42:10 – What Bryant Loves About Hutchinson
49:30 – Which Marvel Character Bryant Would Be
52:00 – How He Navigates Role of Superintendent
57:30 – Leadership as an Up & Comer
59:20 – What the Future of Construction Holds