This is Chandler’s second appearance on The Up & Comers Show (see episode #3 for more of her background and bio).

During this conversation, Chandler shares her perspective and experience on the massively important topics of Singleness and Social Media. In the current social age we live in, these are issues faced by us all. Chandler provides a mature understanding of the importance of intention in all that we do.

In the midst of the serious discussions, there are plenty of laughs shared by all three as they were able all be in the same location for the episode – an unusual treat.


“People say: ‘do I have the gift of singleness?’, and the answer is, if you’re single right now – you do.”  – Chandler Mann

“Be where you are. Stop waiting around for what’s next.”  – Thane Ringler

“What singleness does, from my perspective, is it forces me to have experiential knowledge in areas that I would otherwise only have head knowledge in.”  – Adam Setser

Show Notes:

When Breath Becomes Air – Paul Kalanithi
Prisoners of Self (Incessant Auto-biography) – Desiring God Article
Trailer of Black Mirror, Episode 1 Season 3
The Emperor of All Maladies – Siddhartha Mukherjee
First Interview with Chandler – Episode #3
Chandler’s Website


7:00 – How Chandler Thinks About Singleness
9:45 – What God has Taught Her Through Singleness
12:50 – When Singleness is Most Difficult
14:10 – False-Narratives that Arise in Singleness
16:20 – Reminders of Truth to Combat Discontentment
23:30 – Chandler’s Recent Life and Job Transition
29:30 – Challenges Faced When Transitioning in Life
32:15 – Living in a New City Every Year
41:45 – Impact Social Media Can Have
1:02:00 – The Positives of Social Media
1:11:35 – Chandler’s Most Cherished Habits and Routines
1:17:00 – Common Misperceptions People Have of Chandler
1:19:20 – Question Chandler is Asked Most Frequently
1:20:00 – Chandler’s Advice for College Girls
1:22:40 – High-School Class Chandler Would Teach
1:24:20 – What Chandler Wishes She Was Good At
1:26:45 – What Chandler Can’t Live Without