Ethan Renoe is a youth pastor, writer and speaker in Denver Colorado. He is a Moody graduate currently attending Denver Seminary in pursuit of his Master of Divinity degree. He has been on 6 continents, is working on his fourth book, and has done 5 one-armed pull-ups. Ethan has not fallen in love, but he did fall out of a tree in front of a cute girl one time.

In this interview, Thane and Ethan dive into a plethora of pertinent and practical topics for Up & Comers of our generation.

From Ethan’s cultural experiences, to the tradeoffs in traveling, to viral famedom and the resulting downfalls, to writing, to ministering, to the balance of faith, and more. This conversation is thought-provoking, intriguing, and unassuming as two men strive to honestly assess and evaluate what it means to “live a good life”.


“It’s not like social media is bad, it’s more about how can we use it well. And what are these other cultural factors that can help us use it well.”  – Ethan Renoe

“We’d rather just quote Nacho Libre than have a serious conversation.”  – Ethan Renoe

“Our culture is obsessed with transience – we glorify wanderlust and travel.”  – Ethan Renoe

“I feel like we’ve lost a theological connection to our work, in valuing it.”  – Ethan Renoe

“Transience is a blessing but we should never be entitled to it.”  – Thane Ringler

“Living in community can be hard.”  – Ethan Renoe

“In every step forward (seasonally), you gain things but you sacrifice freedom.”  – Ethan Renoe

“It’s not that freedom is outside of discipline, it’s actually the fruit of discipline.”  – Thane Ringler

“Fame seriously f’s with your head, like nothing else.”  – Ethan Renoe

“I can say firsthand that I know exactly why celebrities do crazy, stupid stuff to hold onto their fame – you start slipping out of the spotlight.”  – Ethan Renoe

“People new my name but they didn’t know me. I became famous but what I didn’t become was known.” – Ethan Renoe

“You can have a million followers, but that doesn’t mean you have intimacy with any individual.”  – Ethan Renoe

“I think intimacy is what we really long for when we think we want fame.”  – Ethan Renoe

“There’s nothing more- or less-holy about using a dating app to meet someone.”  – Ethan Renoe

“The most beneficial thing someone can do is figure out how and why they think the way they do, because most of us are completely unaware of that – myself included.”  – Ethan Renoe

“That’s the part that I wrestle with, because on some level it’s easier to conjure up some ‘verbal-theology’, and sound really good, and look really good in my writing. It’s harder to obey, and to love people in my life, and to make sacrifices for them when necessary.”  – Ethan Renoe

“Ideas are great, but until you take action on those ideas it doesn’t mean anything.”  – Thane Ringler

“The ruts of routine become the grooves of grace.”  – Ethan Renoe

Show Notes

Interview with Taylor Reynolds
The New Lonely – Ethan Renoe
Culture Making – Andy Crouch
Drops Like Stars – Rob Bell
The Talent Code – Daniel Coyle
Ethan’s Dating Podcast Episode
“The Tragedy of Dumbing Down Christianity” – Ethan Renoe
“Systems, Part 10: Invisible Bodies” (on modernism vs. post-modernism) – Ethan Renoe
“An Apology From An Accidental Racist” – Ethan Renoe
The Great Divorce – C.S. Lewis
Notes From The Tilt-A-Whirl – N.D. Wilson
Interview with Cody Burkhart

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5:30 – Typical Day in Ethan’s Life
9:30 – Ethan Described
11:30 – Ethan’s Background
14:30 – The Gift of Traveling
18:00 – Biggest Cultural Impact
20:30 – The Nigerian Goat Heart
25:00 – Ethan’s Book: The New Lonely
40:00 – Living Abroad vs. In Community
44:30 – Sacrifice and Freedom
56:30 – Ethan’s Viral Video Experience
1:06:00 – What Ethan Would Tell Himself
1:09:00 – Celibacy vs. Chastity
1:11:30 – How Ethan Thinks About Singleness
1:17:30 – Faith and the Balance of Spirt and Truth
1:37:00 – Faith Question on Ethan’s Mind
1:44:30 – Ethan’s Favorite Books
1:46:45 – Best Investment Ethan’s Made
1:48:00 – Ethan’s Fitness Regimen
1:49:30 – Ted Talk Ethan Would Give
1:50:30 – Morning Text Reminder