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Likasi Jon Roberts is an Associate Partner and the Director of Coaching at Novus Global, a premier executive coaching firm based in Los Angeles. Jon believes that when people start asking themselves the question, “What am I capable of,” unprecedented results in their life are possible.

Following a successful career in corporate finance and business development, where Jon learned the strategy and mindset required to execute on key projects at a top level, he turned his focus to coaching leaders and change-makers. Jon uses the power of vision, strategy, and mindset to bring transformation to the individuals and teams that he works with. His list of past and current clientele include corporate executives, business owners, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, artists, and other high performing individuals who wanted to turn their dreams into a reality and experience a life worth waking up for everyday. Jon is involved in various leadership and business organizations in the Los Angeles area, where he currently resides.


“I have a theory that everyone is living far under what they’re actually capable of.” – Jon Roberts

Curiosity is the word that probably changed my life.”  – Jon Roberts

“The world-view of curiosity opens up a lot of possibility.”  – Jon Roberts

“To me, language is important because it reveals the system that’s running – the algorithm that’s going on in somebody’s head that’s driving their life.”  – Jon Roberts

“Language is generative. Your future will be created based on the language that you use.”  – Jon Roberts

“Mindset, to me, is the most powerful tool a human being has.”  – Jon Roberts

“Pessimism never breeds conquerors.”  – Adam Setser

“Your life is exactly the way you want it to be.”  – Jon Roberts

“There’s only one thing in life that you’re in control of – that’s your own actions and your own thoughts.”  – Jon Roberts

“You want a guarantee in life? Here’s your guarantee: something will happen.”  – Jon Roberts

“I create really powerful spaces for people to realize what they want in life, and maybe why they haven’t gotten there yet, or why they aren’t pursuing it.” – Jon Roberts

“Be genuine. Take action. Unattached to the outcome.” – Jon Roberts

“Christians should be the most curious people the world has ever seen.”  – Jon Roberts

“No matter what you’re doing, no matter business it is – how do you want to serve a human being? How do you want to serve a company? How do you want to serve the world? Put together an action plan, and then go do it.”  – Jon Roberts

“Who are you committed to be?”  – Jon Roberts

Show Notes:

Scribbling in the Sand – Michael Card
Ulysses – James Joyce
Fierce Conversations – Susan Scott
The Three Laws of Performance – Steve Zaffron

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5:30 – Why Jon Loves Plants
9:30 – What Jon Does For a Living
12:15 – The Impact / Importance of Coaching
15:00 – Jon’s Career Transition
23:30 – How Jon Developed His Coaching Skills / Business
26:30 – Difference Between Shame and Guilt
30:00 – Importance of Language
35:00 – The Danger of Victim-Mentality
40:30 – Actual vs. Theoretical
47:00 – Results Mechanism
52:30 – Creating Powerful Space
1:04:00 – Success vs. Failure
1:08:30 – Perspective
1:19:15 – How Jon Built His Business
1:31:00 – How Jon thinks about Family
1:35:00 – Jon’s Reading List
1:36:30 – What Class He Would Teach
1:38:00 – Morning Text Reminder He Would Send