In the first ever Fellowship episode, Thane and Adam keep the “Bro-isode” spirit alive in this casual and entertaining conversation with Josh Goertzen.

Josh is a fellow Up & Comer and life-long friend of Thane. He is currently serving on staff at Grace Bible Church in Hutchinson, KS, where he overseas the college ministry – called CORE – as well as the Love Hutch ministry that’s focused on reaching the impoverished parts of Hutchinson.

In this conversation, the three discuss the importance of discipline, what ministry looks like, why service is important, and the reality that all everyone wants in life is joy.


“Discipline is never fun – but it’s in that mundaneness that we really start to see growth.”  – Josh Goertzen

“Everyone in the world finds their truth from something.”  – Adam Setser

“We get our worldview from what we look at.”  – Adam Setser

“If you don’t seize control of your time, your time is going to control you.”  – Josh Goertzen

“Everyone wants joy. I think that’s the one thing everyone in the world wants – more than anything else: a higher, longer-lasting joy.”  – Josh Goertzen

“In every job you have an important role, and you can maximize that role. As believers, we’re called to be the best that we can be where God has us.”  – Thane Ringler

“God gives us talents and gives us opportunities, and we’re not supposed to take them and bury them in the ground.”  – Adam Setser

“At the end of the day, the ‘right thing’ is the right thing: so just do it.”  – Josh Goertzen

“Service is sacrifice. If there’s not sacrifice in service, then it’s more self-service than others-service.”  – Thane Ringler

“I think God calls us to just be available.”  – Josh Goertzen

Show Notes

“You’re Wasting Your Spare Time And It’s Killing Your Success” – Medium
Ordering Your Private World – Gordon MacDonald
Interview with Shannon Hurley
CORE – College Ministry Josh runs

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4:00 – Prayer Stacks
6:30 – Deleting Instagram
12:00 – Discussion on Discipline
29:00 – Importance of Joy
34:00 – Knowing Our Calling
41:30 – Finding Direction
48:00 – Inner-City Ministry