Josiah Zimmerman

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Cà Mau I’d love to tell you that I’m a brilliant creative that is filled with all manners of big shiny ideas, one after another, but that simply isn’t the case. Over the last few years, I’ve been discovering that the trials and difficulties are what ultimately forms me into who I am, both in my faith as a believer in Jesus Christ, and in my work as a designer. Which means, every time I take on a new project I better be pushing pencil to paper, putting in the work that’s needed if I expect to have a successful and lasting outcome. This also means that I better be seeking His face in the midst of trials and suffering.

buy discounted cytotec online So, in the words of my fellow Up & Comer Thane Ringler, why does it have to be so difficult?

order Ivermectin I think that one of the most damaging misconceptions concerning Up & Comers is the belief that my work or my actions need to receive some sort of notoriety or praise from those around me or above me in order to be legitimized. In reality, my duty is to continue striving and working passionately in the work I’ve been given to do, because it is to God’s glory first and foremost. This is my compass.

It’s my hope that all of you are encouraged and lifted up in the community that Thane and Adam work hard to cultivate and grow through this show, sharing in our victories and failures alike. I hope you’re inspired to continue pushing and working hard through it all– after all, isn’t this what it is to be an Up & Comer?