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buy gabapentin online forum Leo is the Creative Director and Founder of Synced Culture. He currently resides in San Diego, CA, with his wife Heather and their 3 girls and 1 boy. He loves creativity and thinking outside the box.

After becoming a believer on December 14, 2003, Leo joined ministry school 8 months later where God grabbed hold of his heart. Since then, he has been a ministry school teacher, served on the pastoral team of Horizon Christian Fellowship followed by The Rock Church San Diego, and was also an Associate Pastor at Calvary Chapel Mura Mesa in San Diego, CA for almost 7 years.

it was then that God gave him a vision to launch Synced Culture – a ministry that is looking at social media and the digital world as the mission field, by bringing gospel-centered photography, videography, and posts, as well as live-streams and devotions by pastors, ministry leaders, missionaries, and entrepreneurs.


“Never in a million years would I consider being on social media being a mission field, until God really showed me there is a need.”  – Leo Garcia

“In our unity, in our oneness, in us being of one accord – the world is going to believe in Jesus. The unity and community speaks for itself.”  – Leo Garcia

“There’s such an opportunity for this time, this future generation in America, to do a powerful work of unifying again.”  – Thane Ringler

“Pride is what gets in the way [of unity].”  – Leo Garcia

“What filter are we using to judge and test others’ works?” – Leo Garcia

“Nobody gives a crap about what you say until they know you care.”  – Leo Garcia

“The role of social media in this day and age is to keep you hooked, addicted, and distracted from Christ and from family.”  – Leo Garcia

“It’s literally like a drug, yet nobody is talking about it because it’s not weed, it’s not cocaine, it’s not heroine, but, as believers, we get sucked in if we’re not careful. And we think about social media more than we think about God.”  – Leo Garcia

“We call our team propellers – because basically our job is to use our gifts and talents to propel others into their calling.”  – Leo Garcia

“Use your gifts to propel others. It’s not about you.”  – Leo Garcia

“So often we can go ahead of the Lord and burn ourselves out.”  – Leo Garcia

“God calls us to be faithful, and the way that He tests that is usually by testing our patience.”  – Thane Ringler

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5:00 – Leo’s Current Work
8:00 – Taking the Leap of Faith
14:30 – Transition from Synced Youth to Synced Culture
16:00 – The Meaning of Unity
21:00 – Common Obstacles to Unity
24:30 – Role of Open-Mindedness
26:30 – Being a Pastor to Social Media
31:00 – Role of Social Media in Today’s World
35:00 – Impact of Synced Culture Thus Far
39:00 – Future for Synced Culture
42:15 – What Class Leo Would Teach
44:15 – Morning Text Reminder
45:00 – Get in Touch with Leo!