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ordering Misoprostol online without a precription Peter Peitz is a man who has lived a full life, and isn’t near done. From his childhood in WWII Germany, to the cultural exposure in his young adulthood, to the success in business that catapulted him into a long-standing career – Peter is the definition of a “life well lived”.

This episode is the first a series of interviews that we hope to do with Peter. It covers many topics, ranging from the benefit of work, to developing a healthy tolerance, to how we can properly assess ourselves, to how he ended up in Cotter, AR, and much more.

No matter the age or stage of life, there is something in here that you need to learn from and hear. It is an episode you don’t want to miss.


“I have a wide tolerance, for all sorts of people and ways of living. I have no need to be critical or self-promoting because I have lived my own stupidity several times.”  – Peter Peitz

“The great aim of education is action not knowledge.”  – Herbert Spencer

“We view ourselves as innocent until proven guilty, when in reality we are guilty until proven innocent, and the only way we can be proven innocent is in Christ.”  – Thane Ringler

“It’s difficult to be able to see your failures and let them motivate you instead of de-motivate you.”  – Adam Setser

Time Markers:

6:00 – How Peter Describes Himself
8:30 – What He Likes/Dislikes About Birthdays
10:00 – How Growing Older Has Been Different Than Expected
14:00 – How Peter Ended Up in Cotter, Arkansas
28:00 – Peter’s Childhood and Route to America
40:30 – Most Beneficial Character Traits as a Young Adult
47:30 – What a Healthy Tolerance Entails
51:30 – Peter’s Thoughts on the Path of Education
59:00 – How to Develop a Helpful Tolerance
1:01:30 – Common Mistakes Made as “Up and Comer”
1:08:30 – Core Premise for Assessment of Self
1:14:30 – The Partnership with the Holy Spirit
1:23:45 – Failure and Service as a Part of Success
1:31:00 – The Benefit of Work
1:36:00 – What Class Would Peter Teach
1:39:00 – What Daily Reminder Peter Would Send to Millennials