Rick Dempsey is currently the Senior Vice President of Disney Character Voices and has been working in that department since its creation in 1988.  Along with his robust career in the animation film industry, he lives a successful life on all fronts – from his family, to his faith, and even in personal development.

In this interview we hear about his journey to his current job, stories from his childhood, advice for the upcoming workforce, what it means to have a “personal brand”, and much more.


“When I was in high school I got a ‘D’ in all four semesters of Spanish, and now I’m in charge of all localization for the entire Walt Disney Company.  I just think God has a tremendous sense of humor.”  – Rick Dempsey

“’Ambitious’ can sometimes have a negative connotation, but I was ambitious and I wanted to do well in my career.  And I figured the only way the Lord was going to bless that was if I did it with integrity.”  – Rick Dempsey

“A brand is like a trust account – you either put deposits into it, or you make withdrawals.”  – Rick Dempsey quoting Steve Jobs

“Every time we go out into the world, are we going to build the brand for Christ or are we going to be a withdrawal from that?”  – Rick Dempsey

Show Notes:

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5:25 – Setting for Show
6:25 – Who is Rick Dempsey
11:05 – How Rick interacts with famous people
14:35 – Rick’s Magician Career
20:20 – What Rick’s childhood entailed
22:05 – Rick’s college story
25:00 – Balancing creativity with business
26:50 – Rick’s father and his influence
30:45 – Rick’s Career Path
39:30 – Rick’s Motivation for Animation Career
40:45 – Rick’s Role at Disney
48:30 – The Value of Integrity
53:35 – Being True to our Personal Brand
58:35 – How Rick Remains Humble
1:01:25 – Low Points in Rick’s Life
1:04:00 – Rick’s Marriage and Marriage Advice
1:06:10 – Family Advice
1:08:45 – Closing Questions