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http://hkbookkeeping.com/tally-erp9/1458218960020-b2eb9724-7827 In this episode, Thane Marcus Ringler gives three reasons why he’s going on a sabbatical. These three reasons include time, money, and focus. If you found value in the show and you want it to continue, please listen to this episode. Thane enumerates simple ways you can contribute to help the show go on. If you want to be an active up and comer, consider becoming a contributing member of the community to help shoulder production expenses. Tune in to find out how.

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On Sabbatical

This is a show all about the process of becoming and learning how to live a good life. We are in that process our entire lives as we are lifelong learners. Thank you for being a fellow up and comer. We believe the best way to live life is by living with intention in the tension. It’s a fancy way to say that we need to infuse intentionality into all that we do, a reason why behind what we are doing that helps us attach our lives to our purpose and align it with our direction and identity. That is what our show is about. We appreciate you being a fellow up and comer on the journey. We are all on the same journey, the journey of going through life and trying to figure it out.

At the end of the day, no one has it all figured out. We’re here to remind you, myself and each other of that truth. If you want to find more about the show, go to TheUpAndComersShow.com. A couple of reminders before we get to this episode. If you haven’t left us a review and rating on iTunes or Apple Podcasts, it’s such a great way to help our show be found by more people organically. You can go to Apple Podcast and search for The Up And Comers Show. It takes about a minute to leave us a review or a five-star rating there. If you want to share an episode that you enjoyed with some friends in your community, that’s an awesome way to also spread the word about what we’re doing.

Finally, if you want to support us, we are always on Patreon where you can make monthly donations and I’m going to be sharing a new way that you can support us later. Stay tuned for that teaser. We are excited to dive in this episode with you but I want to say thank you for being here and for being with us on this journey. We started back in September of 2016. It’s been quite a ride of 189 episodes now, 80,000-plus downloads over 50-plus countries. It’s been wild. It’s neat to see all that’s come from the show. What I’m going to cover with you in a shorter episode is an update on where the up and comers are at and where we’re going.

What we are doing is going on a sabbatical. What that means is we’re going on a bit of a pause with the show. That’s a bummer for me and for the readers if you’ve enjoyed the show but there’s still good in it. I wanted to share a little bit about the why behind the sabbatical or the pause that we are on. The why boils down to a couple of key factors. The first is time. Time is always there but it’s also a limited and finite resource. In the season of life especially that I am in, the time to produce and put on this show is stretching for me. Taking a little space, putting a pause into the show was needed in regards to the time that I have and what committing my time to especially as I look to build my business more and further the sustainability for our family.

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The second big reason why is due to financial reasons. Money is always a factor. With this show, it takes money to produce it. In fact, each episode costs about $125 an episode, which adds up over time especially when you have a website, you have producing, editing fees, hosting fees, all the things associated with doing something well takes money. For us, it’s about $125 an episode. That adds up over time especially when you’ve done about 190 of them. It’s quite an investment. For us, we aren’t getting anything in return for it financially. We’re investing that because we believe in it, we believe in the cause of the show and we’ve done that for a while. With that being said, it’s something that no longer makes sense for me financially.

The third reason why is to provide focus and space for the next step that I’ve taken in my own work and career. I partnered with an organization named GiANT Worldwide. You can find out more about them at GiANT.tv/thane. It is a great way to find out more about what they’re up to. You can get a 30-day free trial where you check out all the resources they have online. Ultimately, they are unlocking human potential as I aim to do in my individual coaching practice especially within teams of organizations. With that, I’ve been committing a lot of my time and focus to the onboarding process with them and to developing more business through them. Those are the three reasons why this show is going on sabbatical. First, time being a little shorter. Second, money being a little tighter. Third, being a change of focus in my own career.

What does that mean for the future? The future outlook is unsure but hopeful. Here’s the reason why because I want to empower you, readers, to contribute to our cause, to be an active up and comer and a contributing member of this community. This is going to be easy because I’ve set up a new way for that to happen. It’s called BuyMeACoffee.com. It is a great way to support creators or people that are creating something in this world that you believe in or that you want to support because at the end of the day, we all are consuming things but if we want to consume intentionally and if we believe in consuming this show, it’s great to be also contributing to it as well. Now we are going to be needing you to contribute if you want the show to continue going as I do and as you do, hopefully.

We need people to contribute to funding or raising funds needed to cover the expenses. BuyMeACoffee.com/upandcomers is going to the place where we can do that. It’s where you can go and you can buy me and us a coffee. What that means is you’re contributing money to cover the expenses of the show. Our goal for this fundraiser is to raise $2,750. What that will cover is the next round of 25 episodes. We prepay our production team in increments of 25 episodes, which is why that is the number that you see there. That means if 27.5 of you give $100 or 275 of you give $10, then we will be back and running with this show.

UAC 189 | Sabbatical

Sabbatical: If we want to consume intentionally, and if we believe in consuming this show, it’s great to be contributing to it as well.


That is a lofty goal but something that I know is attainable through the help and contribution of all you readers. Everyone can be contributing in between somewhere. Any and all contributions are welcome. I’m excited about this potential to get the show back up and running and for having your help and teamwork in doing that. It’s something that has been such a blessing to me and I hope to you. It’s been a wild ride. There have been many interviews over these 190 episodes. Some of my favorites are Jamie Winship, that was such a great one, George Towers, a great guy, great message.

I liked Rachel Kois. That one was helpful on sustainability. There are many episodes. Cody Burkhart had a couple and my grandpa had a couple. Those are meaningful conversations that I know will be impactful to you. If you’ve missed some, this is a great time to go back and catch up on some of those that are special conversations that I’ll cherish forever. The one that came to mind is Eric Wood. What a great man and a great story. It’s inspiring. Take this time to read some past episodes, to catch up on things you missed. If you feel prodded, called, led to contribute some, we would appreciate it. I know that every dollar earned is meaningful to us and to you. Where you choose to put that dollar or that money that you earn is important and it requires intention.

If you have the intention to help support us in this way, that would mean a lot. In the meantime, always feel free to reach out on the socials @UpAndComersShow on any of the platforms and/or by email, TheUpAndComersShow@Gmail.com. We love hearing from you. If there are things you want to share or ways you want to support us in other avenues or means, let us know. Send us an email. Send us a message. We’d love to hear from you.

That’s all I have for now. If you want to find out more about the work I’m doing in partnership with GiANT, go to GiANT.Tv/thane. That’s going to be a great way to see some of what we’re up to there. The core of it is this desire to build invincible teams by unlocking human potential through team communication, self-awareness and self-leadership. I’m excited about the work ahead with that. If you have a team or an organization where you can use more, benefit in unlocking the potential of that team through communication, which a huge part of it is through individual self-awareness or for simply from leadership development, there are some great technology, a massive tool kit and a lot of resources that we can provide to help you do that. We would love to partner with you in that way.

Reach out to me personally at Connect@ThaneMarcus.com. If you want to start a conversation, you can also go to my website, ThaneMarcus.com. Connect with me there, schedule a discovery call. Let’s chat. That is all I have for you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this shorter solo episode with an update of where we’re at and how you can play a part in getting us back and running. Thank you so much. I sincerely hope you have an up and coming week because we are out.

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