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Loralai Sarah Long is a 26-year-old nurse who is about to embark upon her second voyage with Mercy Ships – a missions organization that provides the world’s largest civilian hospital ship, giving care to those without it in Africa and other needy regions.

In this conversation we get to learn how Sarah found her calling through trials faced as she was a child. We talk about common struggles nurses face, the benefit of summer camps as a kid, how dealing with death changes you, how to think about missions trips, and much more.

It was a fun conversation and there is a lot of interesting perspectives that you will want to hear!



“Ultimately I think our calling is to serve the Lord through our gifts.”  – Sarah Long

“Near-death experiences can be discipling forces too, and they help us see why we’re here.”  – Adam Setser

“You can’t buy perspective.”  – Adam Setser

“When your eyes are on yourself your eyes can’t be on someone else.” – Thane Ringler

Show Notes:

Rick Dempsey Interview
Jimmy Fallon “Sarah” Clip
Mercy Ships

Time Markers:

8:00 – Unique Aspects of being an Up & Comer
9:50 – How Sarah Thinks About “Her Calling”
12:00 – Sarah’s Background
15:30 – Impact of Father’s Cancer
22:00 – How Emotion Can Help/Hurt in Nursing
26:30 – What Dealing with Death Changes
28:15 – How Trials Have Impacted Her Faith
32:30 – Sarah’s Nursing Path and Experience
36:30 – Common Challenges with Nursing
41:45 – Background on Mercy Ships
59:20 – How People Can Get Involved with Mercy Ships
1:02:50 – How Sarah Thinks Through Mission Work
1:06:00 – Greater Impact of Mercy Ships
1:10:00 – Impact of Kanakuk Institute on Sarah
1:14:50 – Benefit of Kanakuk Camp on Sarah’s Childhood
1:22:30 – What Topic Sarah Wishes Was Discussed More