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buy gabapentin online canada There comes a time in everyone’s life when you have to decide who you’ll become. What is your calling? What will it cost you? What kind of legacy will you leave, and how hard are you willing to work for it? These are the questions ambitious young adults face, but we live in a culture totally unable to help us make those judgment calls. We are overwhelmed with information, but information isn’t advice. And knowledge isn’t wisdom.  

buy stromectol australia Truth itself doesn’t change with time, it simply rebrands and repackages itself with each culture and era we live in.  Yet, we are prone to forget; prone to choose the easier path; prone to put off what we know will be beneficial; prone to a reactive nature.  But this does NOT have to be the outcome.


As passionate young men, Adam and Thane have spent the last few years exploring what it means to live a successful life – from searching the depths of what it truly means to be human, to finding ways of overcoming our own deficiencies and mental weaknesses.  If we are going to live a life of intentionality there has to be a consistent habit of honest examination and experimental curiosity.  This comes from the discipline of hard work in developing a skill and applying experience to form wisdom.


The Up & Comers is a show all about unpacking these obstacles, addressing our shortcomings, and discovering processes that allow us to overcome and flourish.  Our mission is to develop life habits and patterns now, that are based on the wisdom of timeless principles, so that when the time comes, we can look back with pride at the life we’ve lived.


Join us as we learn to live a good life.